is the state of Southeast Asia. The capital has the same name of Singapore. Narrow Johor Strait, the width of which does not exceed one kilometer, separates the island of Singapore from the peninsula of Malacca, and the Singapore Strait separates the island from Indonesia.

Singapore in form of state structure is a parliamentary republic. The Cabinet of Ministers exercises executive power, and its prime minister leads. The “People’s Action” party has been dominant since 1965, however, in the parliament, opposition parties, one way or another, are present. The Government of Singapore has a reputation for being uncorrupted.

The total area of ​​Singapore is approximately six hundred ninety-three square kilometers. The main religion in Singapore is not, and the constitution of this country allows all to profess their faith. The main religions of Singapore include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.

Singapore time is five hours ahead of Moscow in winter and four hours in summer. In Singapore, the fight against smoking and categorically prohibited the use of drugs. For the spread of drugs even the death penalty is envisaged.

The working day of most of the banks is limited from half past nine in the morning to fifteen in the afternoon on weekdays, and from half past nine to half past eleven on Saturdays. Non-working days are holidays and Sundays. The working day of a significant number of shopping complexes is limited from half past nine in the morning until half past one in the evening, both on weekdays and on public holidays. The only exception is the Lunar New Year.

Singapore is a country on the equator.

Almost so. Singapore is located one hundred and thirty seven kilometers north of the equator line. This circumstance is the reason for the prevalence in Singapore of a typically tropical climate. The weather is almost constant throughout the year. In the period from November to January, when the season of monsoons arrives in Singapore, showers, the duration of which is one to two hours, go daily. In January, the average air temperature is in the range of thirty to thirty-four in the afternoon and twenty-three to twenty-seven degrees in the evening.

There are several official languages ​​in the city of Singapore.

It is Malay, English, Tamil and Chinese. English is the administrative language, and the Malay language is national. For those who are at least a little familiar with the English language, it will not be a problem to be in the city. This is due to the fact that most of the local population speaks English. In addition, a significant proportion of signage and signage in Singapore is also in English.

When you enter Singapore, you can take with you any amount of money.

However, this circumstance does not apply to any tobacco products, including cigarettes, due to the implementation of a specific policy in Singapore. The government of this country is fighting against smoking and is trying to reduce the number of smokers. Thus, when planning a trip to Singapore, one should envisage the impossibility of carrying a significant number of cigarettes with them. Surplus remains an customs, and for storage will take a certain amount of money. Some goods are generally prohibited from being imported into the country. These are fireworks, pornographic articles, drugs and psychotropic drugs, cigarette lighter / revolver, counterfeit tobacco products, chewing tobacco, even chewing gum and some other. When importing medicines into the territory of Singapore, a tourist must present an appropriate prescription. In particular, this applies to stimulant and sedative drugs, as well as sleeping pills. It should be remembered that the use of drugs in Singapore is strictly prohibited, and all operations with them (export, import, production, trade) are punishable by death.

The Singapore dollar is the state currency.

It is her preference for making purchases in stores and visits to restaurants, but no one will give up American dollars either.As for the latter, US dollars will need to be exchanged for local currency, however, at a disadvantageous rate for the tourist. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to think in advance about the availability of local currency in your wallet. At the airport in Singapore for this purpose there are exchange offices. Exchange points are also at shopping complexes, hotels and banks. Throughout the country you can freely use credit cards. In circulation, coins are one, five, twenty, fifty cents and one dollar, as well as one, two, five, ten, twenty, one thousand and ten thousand Singapore dollar notes.

Smoking is not allowed in Singapore.

There is an active fight against smoking in this country, but it is not completely prohibited. Smoking is prohibited in closed spaces, shopping malls, air-conditioned restaurants, cinemas, government offices, theaters, lifts, taxis, public transport. Often, smoking is prohibited in food centers, conditioned beer bars, etc. Before getting a cigarette, the tourist is advised to check if there is a sign near the warning: “NO SMOKING”.

Singapore is a pure country.

The government seeks to preserve the purity of Singapore. Do not throw even small pieces of paper in specially uninstalled places. A fine for such a careless act can amount to a thousand Singapore dollars.

Singapore is a country of prohibitions.

And those who are waiting for a sense of permissiveness, going to this country, will be disappointed. Idle time in Singapore is impossible. In Singapore, you can not even chew gum. Viewing movies, which include scenes of violence, is also prohibited. Illegally download from the Internet, litter on the street, cross the road in an unidentified place, ride unbuttoned – all this is a violation of public order. Men can not flirt with women, and in general one can not groundlessly touch another person. In this country there is not a single casino. As for the local residents, they are very loyal to all these prohibitions. In Singapore, you can even buy souvenirs, which will list the most popular bans.

Singapore is a poor country.

Far from it. GNP (Gross National Product) in Singapore has some of the best performance in the world. According to data for 2008, the GNP amounted to 38972.1 US dollars. The economy of Singapore has made a sharp leap, thanks to which this country is now referred to the East Asian tigers. In Singapore, the financial services sector is shipbuilding, electronics manufacturing. Local residents live in high-rise buildings. In Russia, such housing is an elite one. These high-rise buildings are equipped with gyms, mattresses and playgrounds. The appearance of these houses amazes their well-being, all windows are the same. Kitchen windows face the inner courtyard, and the windows of the living rooms are facing the street. Local people are not very often cooked at home, as in cafes and restaurants you can eat deliciously at a very affordable fee. The quality and taste of food in them is no worse than that of domestic food. As for fresh water, Sigapur is forced to buy it in Malaysia. The quality of fresh water is excellent. True, few of the Singaporeans have a personal car, a similar circumstance in the state here is considered a luxury. A significant part of local residents travel by bus or subway, payment for them is made by electronic cards. In the economy of Singapore there are strengths and weaknesses. Strong, of course, are the increased level of well-being, a highly competitive environment, a favorable investment climate, etc. The weak sides include the import of energy and virtually all food, the lack of space and specialists, dependence on the supply of Malaysian water. The economy of Singapore is dependent on exports. In particular, this applies to pharmaceuticals, information technology, electronics.

Singapore recognizes the eastern art of Feng Shui.

Moreover, all the buildings of this country are built in accordance with its laws and recommendations, for example, all the skyscrapers of Singapore have rounded corners (since sharp corners lead to misfortune, as Feng Shui says).

People in Singapore appreciate nature.

Communication with nature, they believe, is the most acceptable and suitable for a person rest. Island Sentosa – confirmation of this. The island can be called a huge park of entertainment and recreation. Here, for example, there are performances in the park of birds, there is an opportunity to go on a night safari or even have breakfast with an orangutan. In the very center of the island is a statue of a giant lion, in which you can climb inside. The cable car, the complex “Underwater World”, an aquarium – there is a choice of entertainment on Sentosa. In the “Underwater World” complex there are unique pink dolphins that are not born pink (they are gray when they are born), but they become more mature. At an altitude of one hundred and thirty meters above sea level there is a viewing platform from which you can appreciate the whole beauty of Sentosa with an inquisitive look. And the symbols of Singapore are the tiger and the lion – these animals are depicted on the arms of the country.

Singapore is a small country, you can study it in a couple of days.

Despite the fact that the territory occupied by Singapore, indeed, is small, it has a large number of attractions. In view of this circumstance, the tourist will have the opportunity to choose an excursion to “his own taste and color.” But do not be deluded about the fact that during the day you can get acquainted with all the sights. They, however, quite a lot: from dating with museums and places of worship and ending with travel to the coastal islands and visiting natural parks. First of all, the best option is a city tour, the duration of which is three and a half hours. The first thing that a tourist has to do in this case is a trip to the “colonial center” of the country. Here, before the eyes of the tourist will be City Hall, the Supreme Court, the Parliament building, the Cricket Club, Padang. Here is the symbol of Singapore – a statue of the Sea Lion, which you can see by going along the Esplanade. The next point of the tour will be the Chinese town. Photo against the background of the oldest Hindu temple in the country – the Temple of Sri Mariaman – will long remind tourists of the first days in Singapore. Then the tour will take the tourist to Mount Fiber. From here you can see the whole city. Finally, there is a visit to the National Park of Orchids and specializing in the production of handicrafts from a local center. Another exciting excursion, the duration of which is four hours, is an excursion to the night Singapore. His quay – Boat Quay – is just coming to life with the arrival of evening and night. On the waterfront there is a huge number of places where you can dine in a romantic atmosphere. The opportunity to bargain will provide the Singapore “night bazaar”, located on the Bugis Street. The excursion includes a visit to the Sea Lion and the famous Rafl’s Hotel. It is believed that a visit to Singapore without getting to know the latter will not be complete. In the hotel you can taste “Singapore Sling” – an exclusive Singapore cocktail.

The Singapore Zoo is known all over the world.

Surrounded by picturesque “jungle”, this zoo is located in the northern part of the country near the reservoir Seletar. In the zoo live about two thousand animals, including sea lions, cheetahs, golden tamarins, Malay tiger, Sumatran tiger. A small fraction of the animals are placed in the cells. The impression of wild nature is created by natural pens from plants, cliffs, grass. They separate animals from humans. Thus, almost all animals live in open spacious enclosures. The special atmosphere of the zoo is associated with the feeling of close proximity to the person as funny monkeys and menacing predators. Irresistible for them, the barriers are disguised as natural landscapes.Due to this existence, animals do not feel imprisoned, they seem to be at large.

Singapore – the owner of the largest fountain in the world.

This is the “Fountain of Wealth”, located in the immediate vicinity of the shopping center Suntec City. As the world’s largest “Fountain of Wealth” in 1998 was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. However, one should not think that the fountain is the next creation of gigantomania. This is a creation with meaning. In the upper part of the fountain there is a bronze ring, which means “the universe”. The ring represents a symbol of harmony and equality of all religions and nations of the country, spiritual unity. As for the whole fountain, it is a symbol of life and wealth. With the “Fountain of Wealth” even a special ritual for attracting money is connected. In fact, the fountain includes two fountains: a large and a small one, which is inside a large one. According to the idea, a large fountain is turned off from time to time, this time interval should be used to lower the right hand into the water of a small fountain and to go around it three times around it (do not remove the hand). At the same time, it is necessary to repeat the desire to get wealth. This ritual, according to experienced, solves all financial difficulties.

To go to Singapore, a visa is not needed.

Only if the period of stay in this country is no more than ninety-six hours, that is, after Singapore tourists go to a third country. Citizens of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can use the visa-free regime. As for the Russians, they can apply for a visa in Moscow – at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Singapore. To obtain a visa, you must provide the following documents: a foreign passport, two color photographs of three by four centimeters, a completed questionnaire. As for children, if the child does not yet have a passport, then only two color photographs of three by four centimeters should be provided. But if a child already has a passport, then in order to apply for a visa to Singapore, it is necessary to collect all the same documents as for adults. The visa will be ready in about three to four days after the filing of documents, its value is fifty dollars.

Singapore is an Asian food capital.

In Singapore, you can sample Western, Indonesian, Malay, Indian, Chinese cuisine. Interestingly, the most delicious dishes are sold directly in the open air – in street trays. And Singapore is an ideal place where you can try a wide variety, including unusual, tropical fruits, for example, the fruit of the jackfruit star, nephelia, mangosteen and others.

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