Samuel Colt

The famous American proverb says that if God created people and Lincoln gave them freedom, then Colonel Samuel Colt made them equal. It’s about the American gunsmith, industrialist and inventor. Samuel Colt (1814-1862) made a significant contribution to the development of firearms.

Invented in 1835, the capsule revolver quickly replaced other systems from the market. Colt even created a company for the production of such pistols, but she did not immediately stand on her feet after going through bankruptcy.

After his unexpected death at the age of 47, Colt left a rich inheritance, and his company continued his triumphal march through the market with his name. XIX century for America – the time of charismatic people. The country rose to its feet, felt freedom and independence. One of the people associated with this era was Samuel Colt. His name became a legend, and the image itself acquired many myths.

Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt invented the revolver.

Although Colt’s name is associated with a revolver, his invention does not belong to him. The founder of the famous weapon brand in 1835 created and received a patent for only a new design of the revolver. This happened in England and France. The same American patent was received the following year. The very design of the pistol with a rotating block of charging compartments was invented in the 16th century. A flint revolver patented in America in 1818. At his plant in Patterson, Colt began to produce five-shot single-action revolvers. The trigger had to be cocked with the thumb. But in 1842 the enterprise went bankrupt. History showed that the design of new capsules was successful. They quickly replaced singly-charged pistols. So the name of Colt was associated with the revolution in the weapons business, which led to the emergence of myth. The inventor was lucky that America started a war with Mexico. The country’s authorities ordered him a thousand revolvers at a price of $ 25. Already in 1847 Colt opened a new plant in Hartford and began to produce up to 5,000 pistols a year. Even after his death, this factory began to produce revolvers for firing unitary cartridges.

His design of the pistol Colt peeped while sailing on the ship.

Legends say that in his youth, Colt fled from his father’s house. He became a sailor and went on a four-month voyage from Boston through London to Calcutta. A fan of pyrotechnics, Samuel began to observe the ratchet on the anchor spire and the rotation of the rattle of the helm. So it occurred to him and the original idea of ​​a new revolver design. In fact, everything was, most likely, much more prosaic. Colt met in England with a pistol with a turning breech. This model with a flint lock was created in 1813 by Boston armourer Elisha Collier. And the English sent 40,000 such pistols to England for their soldiers. Symbolical is the fact that in the course of a long voyage, Colt personally carved a mock-up of a revolver of his own design from wood. This was the first step on the way to the appearance in the arms history of the legendary brand.

In the Wild West Colt was a massive weapon.

This myth is generated by numerous films about the Wild West. Brutal cowboys could not be imagined without a colt. But historians say that problems in those years were usually solved not with a revolver, but with a shotgun. To mark the shooting, it took a long training and a lot of ammunition. Neither the time nor the means of the ordinary cowboy had it. So there were not many well-aimed shooters with a gun. Shepherds and cowboys, driving cattle, chose a shotgun as the only effective weapon. When shooting from it, there was a high probability of getting into the target – whether it be a man or a wild animal. And the Colts were predominantly armed with cavalry. The rider on his side carried a saber and a pair of revolvers, from which it was convenient to shoot at full gallop.

Firearms were produced by Colt-Browning.

Although Browning left a notable mark in the history of weapons, he was humble. The inventor-inventor worked in the company of Colt after his death. And on the weapon produced by the firm, the name of Browning never appeared. It appeared only in patents. And the first Colt-Browning pistol appeared only in 1900 and was exotic. Five years later, the American army drew attention to such weapons. Especially it became popular, again, with cavalrymen. They were much more comfortable with this pistol than the revolver, and even fired faster. In those years, border conflicts with Mexicans were common. And in the protracted war the Colt M1911, which was invented exactly by Browning, performed well. This weapon became legendary for the manufacturer. Until now, the gun is present on the market. Only in the American army he served until 1985, and today he is used by special forces. Thanks to the genius of the inventor, the gun became extremely reliable and possessed a high potential of accuracy along with an effective cartridge.

In honor of the famous designer was named Mitsubishi Colt.

There is a double meaning in the name of the car. On the one hand, there is a direct reference to Samuel Colt, who is associated with firearms. The car turned out to be short and laconic, like a shot. On the other hand, the word “colt” is translated as “colt”. It is understood that the machine will demonstrate enviable speed on the road. Colt came up with an American production system.

It is not necessary to ascribe to the industrialist and the arms business master this invention. He was an innovator, and showed the whole world all the possibilities of this system. Its main postulates were standardization, narrow specialization, interchangeability and rigid hierarchy. And the discipline in Colt’s production was almost military. At 7 am the worker was required to be at his workplace when the steam engines were started. If the employee was late, he was no longer allowed to enter the shop. The staff at the workplace required exceptional sobriety. Prior to Colt, the release of weapons was almost manual work. And each sample was unique. The details of one pistol might not have been suitable for another, they had to be modified on the spot. Colt himself created the machines and set up a serial production of all the nodes, trying to ensure their maximum interchangeability. For the nineteenth century, the idea was just a breakthrough. Plus, it was also the fact that mass production and use of cars led to cheaper weapons. The manual work of an experienced master was expensive. Thanks to this competitive advantage, Colt managed to conquer the market.

Samuel Colt was a colonel.

The Colt was never military and could not be called by his service. It was a classic businessman. But the Governor of Connecticut honored the financially supported businessman with the honorary title of Colonel. It hardly gave the right to command the military on the battlefield.

Colt pistols did not need advertising.

The businessman turned out to be a talented marketer, who understood that advertising is driven by trade. Colt did not shy away and self-promotion. He ordered the artist George Ketlin, known for his work on Native Americans and life in the Wild West. As a result, in ten paintings of the master revolvers from Colt appeared. Six of the drawings hit the mass market of offset printing. In one of the paintings Kathleen even painted himself, sitting on a horse and with the colts in his hands and grazing the buffaloes on the plain. Colt himself hired authors who created stories about his revolvers. The businessman traveled the world, giving the heads of state his richly decorated with gold. After the Ottoman Sultan received a gold revolver, Colt received an order for 5000 pistols. Even the company’s logo was built by the businessman on the basis of his own signature. In total Colt gave more than 2500 of his pistols.

The Colt was only working with revolvers.

As a teenager, Colt experimented not only with gunpowder, but also with electricity. Actually, bold experiments with pyrotechnics led to the expulsion of a young man from school. At this time he worked on the design of the detonator. Colt used a wire folded into a tarred rope and connected an underwater explosive device. But the audience, whose smart clothes were soiled with mud and water, did not appreciate the engineering idea. And in the 1840s Colt returned to his youthful experiments and in partnership with the inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse worked on improving waterproof cables. Colt commissioned by the US government came up with a sea mine with an electric fuse.

The Colt created the famous 45 caliber pistol.

A pistol called the Colt Single Action Army, better known as Colt .45 was the first revolver adopted by the US Army. Legendary weapons, nicknamed “Peacemaker” and “Pistol, who conquered the West,” is still in use today. This gun is an integral part of all westerns. But Samuel Colt himself had nothing to do with his creation. The gun was released by his company 10 years after the death of the businessman himself.

Colt was a talented inventor who invented many classic weapons models.

Although Koltu can not be refused in the wit, he was not a prolific inventor. He received the patent for the drum-type gun, but the first weapon, the Colt Paterson, was created in collaboration with Captain Samuel Walker. They say that it was he who made the main efforts to create a new revolver. Colt can be considered more of a businessman and an innovator in the field of work organization. He was considered an excellent showman, he skillfully used advertising. At his factory, women worked, which was a bold step. The working day lasted 10 hours with lunch for a break. And the most famous classic models of Colt were released after the death of the industrialist. And a significant part of the merit in this belongs to Browning, who developed new weapons. Colt himself is credited with only one legendary model, a pocket revolver of 1840. By the time of Samuel’s death, 325,000 copies of such weapons had been sold.

Ко Colt’s bankruptcy was due to his unsuccessful product.

Having a patent, Colt turned to his wealthy relatives in New Jersey for help and opened a production in the town of Paterson. However, in 1842 the company declared bankruptcy. For six years of work, 5000 pistols and rifles were produced. The reason for failure is not at all in the quality of the product. The Colt just picked the wrong time and place. On a small New Jersey, he looked like to the boundless Texas. And in 1837 the market collapsed after bank riots and panic. The country was going through hard times. And America in those years did not fight with anyone, she simply did not need new weapons.

Samuel Colt

After the death of Colt, his production continued the triumphal march through the market.

After the death of a businessman, his affairs were taken up by his wife, Elizabeth. She was a strong woman. For 5 years she lost four children and her husband. On February 5, 1864, Colt’s arms plant took off in the air. There is a suspicion that the arson was carried out by sympathetic confederates. During the Civil War, Colt quietly legally supplied weapons to both southerners and northerners, which many disliked.

Elizabeth Colt watched as the flame absorbed the whole life of her husband.

She could easily take insurance, which was an impressive 17 million dollars and add this money to the impressive legacy of her husband. But Elizabeth decided to revive the factory. In the unburned wing, production continued. A new building was built from refractory bricks, and the company continued its life. In 1862-1890 she was considered the best producer of firearms in the world.

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