Murphy’s problematic

Smith’s law.

None of the serious problems has a solution.

Reverse Shaiker’s Law to the Law of Great Changes of Hoare.

Within any small problem there is a big one that seeks to get out of there.

Remark of Baruch.

If all you have is just a hammer, then everything looks like nails.

The appearance of Fox on the subject.

When the problem no longer exists, the people working on its solution remain.

The Waldrop Principle.

Someone who is not here is always working on the problem.

Blair’s remark.

The most well-designed plans for mice and humans are usually similar.

Biondi’s law.

If your project does not work, the error may be to the part that is least important to you.

Change Disraeli.

Often the error is more significant than the right decision.

The law of the Romans.

A person who says that it is impossible to do, should not interrupt the person who does it.

Ruckert’s law.

There is nothing so small as not to make it even smaller.

The law of Hull.

The method justifies the way. The approach to the problem is more important than its solution.

Baxter’s law.

The error in the introduction will be revealed in the conclusion.

Holter’s lesson.

You never have any doubts when you are sure that you are wrong.

The Law of Civar.

The main reason for the emergence of new problems is related to the solution of existing ones.

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