is a giant electrical spark discharge in the atmosphere, usually manifested by a bright flash of light and accompanying thunder. The electrical nature of lightning was discovered in the studies of the American physicist B. Franklin, according to which an experiment was made to extract electricity from a thunderstorm cloud. Most often lightning occurs in cumulonimbus clouds, then they are called thunderstorms; Sometimes lightnings are formed in stratified rain clouds, as well as in volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and dust storms.


Scientists classify lightning in three ways:
1. Linear – a zipper in the form of a meandering line, from which many branches branch out.
2. Blurry – a lightning that does not have contours and arises from instant flash.
3. Ball – the most dangerous type of lightning. It appears as a fiery yellow-red ball, which is a clot of hot gas. Can change the shape, thereby penetrating even into the narrow opening of the house. As a rule, it explodes with a characteristic crackle.

Lightning is attracted by high objects, water, earth, metal. Therefore, it is not recommended to be in the thunderstorm next to these current conductors.

Lightning can kill a person or an animal.

This is indeed so. The thing is that lightning can have a very strong electrical discharge, that is, it is nothing more than a voltage of several million volts with a current strength of hundreds of thousands of amperes! And everyone knows that with electricity one must be very careful, since it is dangerous for human life and health.

During a thunderstorm you need to hide under a tree.

Wrong opinion. Lightning, first of all, directs its action on high objects, including trees. Therefore, do not hide from the storm under the trees, especially separately standing, this is fraught with sad consequences. Especially good lightning attract trees such as: oak, pine, poplar, spruce.

If there is a thunderstorm in the field or in the steppe, death from lightning is guaranteed.

In this case, the main thing is to observe a few simple rules:
1. Do not stand in full growth – because in the field a person will be considered the highest subject, and, therefore, will attract attention to lightning.
2. It is necessary to take shelter in the lowest place, whether it is a ditch, a ravine or a small hollow.
3. Do not lie on wet ground, as the earth is an excellent current conductor and therefore lightning can strike the soil. It will be better if a person just squats and clasps his knees with his hands, that is, he will take the embryo’s pose.


You can not hide from a thunderstorm in the car, as the metal conducts a good current.

If a thunderstorm catches you on the road, it is necessary to stop, close all windows and top of the car (if it is with an open top), lower the radio antenna, and most importantly – do not leave this shelter. In the case when the vehicle is open (bicycle, motorcycle), you need to stop immediately and move away from the vehicle by thirty meters. Because otherwise there is a real danger of being struck by lightning.

The house of the storm is not dangerous!

This statement will only be true if the person closes the windows, does not heat the stove, turns off the TV and other electrical appliances, and keeps away from other objects capable of attracting lightning. Especially it is necessary to beware of lightning in suburban houses and in cottages – the house must necessarily have a grounding.

You can not use a mobile phone during a lightning storm.

What is true is true. This phone device can have metal structures, and metal, as you know, perfectly conducts electricity. So do not tempt fate, postpone the phone conversation for the post-fire time. In addition, it is not recommended to use a regular phone, since lightning is able to pass through the telephone cable, thereby, without obstructions reaching the human ear.

Lightning strikes can occur only during rain.

In reality, lightning can manifest itself at a distance, for example, ten kilometers from where the rain is pouring. Most likely, it was this that gave birth to such an expression as “Thunder from the blue.” Therefore, you should not hurry and get out of the shelter after the rain – the danger of lightning can still be in the air until the thunder is heard.

It’s very dangerous to be in an airplane during a thunderstorm.

In the old days, the danger of getting lightning into a flying airplane was great. In our own day, progress has gone far ahead, and therefore modern aircraft have quite good protection against lightning strikes.

Lightning never hits the same place repeatedly.

Controversial statement. Lightning is quite capable of repeatedly striking in the place that attracted her. Therefore, do not hide under a tree, which took a lightning strike, – lightning can again “attach” to him. Lightning can cure diseases.


This is not a fact. There is a huge number of cases when a patient with something struck by lightning miraculously healed. In addition, there are cases when lightning “rewarded” a person with specific abilities. For example, a person could walk in cold clothes in light clothes or he had a phenomenal memory. However, it can happen and vice versa – if a person injured by lightning does not die, then it is likely for him to become disabled.

In most cases, men are killed by lightning.

It sounds strange, but it really is. And scientists can not explain this phenomenon.

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