Holy fire

Every year on the eve of Orthodox Easter in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem, a special divine service is performed. It is characterized by a special fire from the Holy Sepulcher, which, in the opinion of believers, appears in a supernatural way.

The phenomenon is certainly more ancient. However, the divine origin of the fire is questioned, as a result, this phenomenon has both its supporters and opponents. It is time for us to debunk the myths about the Holy Fire.

Holy fire

The Holy Fire has a divine origin.

This is the most important myth about this phenomenon. As already mentioned, doubts about the origin of fire were always present. Not so long ago the Armenian priest Ghevond even managed to shoot a secret video on the video, which is hidden behind a sliding icon in Kuvuklia. About the schemes of receiving priests of the Holy Fire was written for a long time. In the 12th century, the Arab Ibn al-Kalanisi wrote that thin wires, rubbed with oil, were stretched between the lamps. At the right time, one of the threads was ignited unnoticeably, as a result of which a light, like lightning, quickly lit all the lamps. It seemed to believers that the fire came down from the sky. Another Arab in the XIII century told how an iron casket was placed on the top of the dome with the calculated time of burning in it of fire. At the right time, he sets fire to a greased chain, and on top of it the fire descends to the lamp. In the literature, it is described that fire can also appear due to the combination of balm oil with any other additives. The self-ignition of substances in the air is well known to chemists.

Holy fire does not burn.

This fact is quoted by many as evidence of the divine nature of fire. However, ordinary fire in the first minutes will not burn, they can even wash. Such features will be present if the fuel is a low-calorie substance, for example, balsam oil. In addition, it is worth making an amendment to religious ecstasy, which can reduce pain sensitivity. Yes, and a draft in the temple deflects the flame and creates an air cushion. Pilgrims themselves say that some people have even burned a fire. In the video, you can see people who do not hold their hands or beards above the fire as much as they spend on it.

Holy Fire brings people together.

While thousands of pilgrims are tremblingly waiting for the convergence of the Holy Fire, behind the scenes are the real intrigues and dismantlings. Greek priests guard this phenomenon, not allowing strangers. But the Armenian priests are so indignant about business. Conflict to this for several hundred years. Priests, in search of truth, sometimes even engage in assault on the premises of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. As a result, the police are separating the fighting. What kind of association of people can be said, when even the church employees themselves are fighting for the right to run a miracle? In 1834, the fight in general turned into a massacre, then the victims were about 300 pilgrims.

Holy fire is a miracle for all Christians.

In fact, not all Christians have the opportunity to touch this miracle. The Holy Fire appears only in the presence of the Orthodox Patriarch. But than these believers are better than Catholics, Protestants? Why did the great God only bless Orthodox Christians? It is said that once Catholics were not allowed into the Orthodox church. Then God not only did not give the fire to the stubborn, but also struck here with lightning. The track from her still remained on one of the columns. Since then, Catholics have nothing to do with miracles. Is it correct? Or does religion once again divide people?

Holy fire

Fertile fire descended into the temple from time immemorial.

Actually, the first mention of fire refers to the IV century. Just at that time, Christians organized and canonized the four Gospels. The pilgrim Sylvia told that the lamps are lit in the temple, and the inside of the cave is constantly lit with an unquenchable lamp, here the fire does not bring.Obviously, then there was no miracle at all, but a holy fire was burning in Kuvuklia. The mystery was kept by the initiates from ordinary people. Blavatsky wrote that even in ancient Egypt, the alchemists had learned to create fine-porous materials. They absorbed oil, like a sponge, and then slowly gave up burning. By the 9th century, believers began to perceive a cold fire as a miracle. And the attitude of the priests was just on hand, as it strengthened their religious influence. But even then, enlightened critics appeared who criticized the “divine manifestation.” However, people believed in a miracle, and in the 12th and 13th centuries, simply the sacred fire became already Blessed. And they lit him no longer in the presence of believers, but inside Kuvuklia, demonstrating a miracle to believers.

Holy fire is a mysterious miracle.

This is what the Orthodox Church constantly says, while restoring the fact that the mystery of the fire has never been unraveled by anyone. However, in the XVII century Patriarch of Constantinople Cyril Lukaris said that if this miracle really existed, then all the Turks would have long believed in Jesus Christ. But this does not happen!

Holy fire is a holy phenomenon that does not provide for self-interest.

In fact, the existence of such a “miracle” is beneficial to Israel and the Orthodox Church. Earlier, it earned the Arabs and the Turks. They could not deny themselves the opportunity to earn on naive believers. People go to Jerusalem for a miracle, leaving money in the church and the city. Today, annually from Russia to the meeting of the Holy Fire at the expense of the state flies about a hundred figures whose names are not advertised. All this tusovka flies for a piece of fire, which on the plane is delivered to Russia. At us the trip of a relic on the country is accompanied by representations and banquets. Religious event receives a commercial background. The income from the miracle is really great. Earlier, Palestine in general was eaten at the expense of pilgrims from Europe, the festival of the Holy Sepulcher was a holiday of happiness and prosperity for the whole country. And Muslims even took a fee for entering the Orthodox church.

Holy fire

Fire comes on schedule.

The ceremony of receiving the Holy Fire is not painted by the minute – from God does not require a miracle on a schedule. After the patriarch in one linen dress enters the Cuvacle, the entrance is sealed, and the expectation of a miracle begins. Believers can wait a few minutes, and can – for several hours. All this time, people pray for the convergence of the holy fire and for the forgiveness of sins. It is said that if one day the fire does not come down, then it will become a terrible sign for humanity, and everyone in the temple will perish.

The ceremony of the descent of the fire is unchanged.

In about the thirteenth century, the acquisition of the Holy Fire changed. Previously, he appeared in the form of a flash on top of the Cuvuklia, and then the priests began to go inside for fire. Former exposures lost power, but the Arabs immediately looked at how the fire was lit – from the hidden lamp in the niche.

The fire is accompanied by wonderful flashes.

Today in the church there are many journalists with special equipment, as well as amateur photographers. Flashes are actually visible on the video, but it is impossible to distinguish them by color from the flash. At the same time, when there were no cameras, mysterious outbursts were not spoken at all, although this would be even more a miracle. A bright flash was present until the XIII century, when the fire was waiting outside the Cuvuklia. However, this completely fits into the technology of creating a “miracle.”

Holy fire

The candles of the pilgrims are lit by themselves.

This is a very beautiful legend, which is not confirmed in the video. On the contrary, it is clear how people take fire from their neighbors. But they later tell how the “miracle” descended on them.

The priests themselves believe in a miracle.

The higher clergy directly participating in the rite, the words “miracle” or “convergence” still avoids. Patriarch Theophilus III said that this ceremony shows how the Paschal message from the tomb lit up the whole world.In the temple the same is performed, the reproduction of that event. It is not surprising that the main witness of the “miracle” evasively answers questions about its nature. The well-known deacon Andrey Kuraev reacted so to such a statement: “He could not say anything more frank about a cigarette lighter in his pocket.”

The Holy Light saw the Apostle Peter in the Holy Sepulcher.

They say that after coming to this place after the Resurrection, Peter saw the light here. However, nothing is said about it in the Gospel itself.

Before the entrance to the Civic, the Patriarch removed all the vestments and searched them.

Such a measure is supposed to convince believers that it is impossible to bring fire from outside. However, it can be seen from direct broadcasts that only the upper part of clothing is removed from the Patriarch, the rest remains on it. And no one is trying to search the priest – he enters the cave during the Holy procession.

Holy fire

In Russia, we have always believed in the wonderful nature of the Holy Fire.

Even Orthodox figures, and even more so scientists, at the end of the 19th century were quite skeptical about the nature of the Holy Fire. The existence of a “miracle” was doubted by such scientists as I.Krachkovsky, A.Dmitrievsky, and Bishop Porfiry (Assumption). Professor N. Uspensky in 1949 in the act of speech described in some detail the history and essence of this rite. And only in our time, when religion is planted almost by force, there are not enough critics. Almost the only major Orthodox scholar who questions the divine origin of the Holy Fire is Doctor of Historical Sciences, candidate of theology Alexander Musin. Disgraced, of course, the priest gives evidence priesthood Gevonida Oganesyan, who personally saw the Armenian and Greek priests deceive the faithful. But who wants to hear and listen to the truth?

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