(from Latin Hernia) is a disease that refers to the passage under the skin of an organ (most often the intestine) from a cavity in a normal working state through an existing hole or formed during the pathology.
There are hernias: abdomen (hernia of the abdominal cavity); brain; muscular; pulmonary; and others. Hernia can occur both in men and in women, regardless of age. Recognize the hernia is not difficult: usually in the groin, under the skin, there is a swelling that changes in size, and disappears when lying down. The hernia itself will not pass, when it appears, it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible, only the operation can help in this case.
Many people do not take this disease seriously, but do not be so lightheaded about your health. Let’s try to understand such questions as, for example, from what a hernia can actually arise and how it can be treated.
Infringement of small intestine: 1 – leading segment; 2 – diverting segment; 3 – place of infringement; 4 – place of perforation of the intestine.

Hernia is not dangerous to health.

This is a deep delusion. In the case when the hernia can still be fixed “in place,” this, in fact, will not seriously affect your health. But, if it is infringed (as a result of weight lifting, severe coughing, and other signs), then, if there is no timely assistance, a person can die. Infringement is dangerous in that blood becomes trapped in the pinched organ, which causes tissue necrosis and wall rupture.

You can get rid of a hernia with a bandage.

Complete absurdity. Should understand for yourself once and for all v a hernia can be removed only by surgical intervention! The bandage can only help to prevent infringement. But there are cases when surgery is impossible. This: when a hernia appeared in a pregnant woman or an elderly person who can not reschedule an operation. In these cases, it is recommended to wear a bandage. However, it can not be used for a long time, since this can cause an increase in the hernia or lead to her injury.

If you do a special gymnastics, then there will not be a hernia.

Hernia will not be saved by any gymnastics, because exercises strengthen only the muscles, and the hernia occurs as a result of weak connective tissues.

Even after surgery, a hernia may reappear.

Perhaps earlier, it was. The operation implied the stitching of the margins of the hernia gates, which did not save us from a second “breakthrough”. Today, it is practiced “non-stretch” technique, which is the imposition of a “patch” (reticular implant) on the hernial gates. Especially this method is used in the treatment of inguinal hernias. Thanks to this type of treatment, the re-emergence of a hernia practically equals zero. Plus, recovery after such an operation occurs very quickly and is less painful for the patient.

A mesh implant, applied during an operation, can “not settle down” in the body.

This is not true. It is made of a special polymer thread, which the body’s immune system takes “for its own”, which facilitates the unhindered implantation of the implant into the connective tissue, and consequently makes it part of the human body.

In men, after an operation to remove the inguinal hernia, problems with potency arise.

Nothing of the kind. This operation does not affect the potency in any way. However, like spinal anesthesia, known as an anesthetic, which is used in the operation.

After the operation to remove the hernia on the body remains a large scar.

This is far from the truth. In fact, the length of the scar does not exceed five centimeters, and do it in the groin. The wound itself is sewn with special cosmetic threads and has a cosmetic suture, as a result of which, after some time, the scar is practically not noticeable.

A person who survives a hernia operation for at least six months will not be able to play sports.

If the operation was done by a “non-stretch” method, after two weeks, the person will be fully able to wash the floors at home and even run. Two months later, the former patient will be able to visit the gym without hindrance, and six months later, and at all he will have the opportunity to do whatever he wants.

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