Fifth week of pregnancy

Future child.

Height – up to 3 mm, weight – is not defined.

At this stage, the human embryo is difficult to distinguish from the embryos of other animals. In his development, he now passes through all the stages of the evolution of the living world, so he has a tail and even gill slits. At the same time, on the limbs, one can consider tiny sprouts – future fingers. The embryo resembles the letter S.

The most important changes in the baby’s body will be the appearance of the rudiments of the organs of sight and hearing, lungs, thyroid gland, neural tube – the prototype of the spinal cord and spine. Where the neural tube expands, the brain will soon appear. Around the neural tube there are special tissues – somites. Of these, then the muscles will arise. Folic acid plays a very important role in the folding of the nervous system, so do not forget to take it!

On ultrasound, you can distinguish the amniotic cavity, gradually forming a fetal bladder. A system of placental blood circulation is established, blood cells produce a yolk sac. In the center of the embryo there is a noticeable accumulation of tissue, it will form the heart. The best modern devices can now determine the pulsation of the heart tube. Yes, yes, and even if this is not a heartbeat as such, all the same, it’s wonderful.

The digestive system also develops, despite the fact that your baby will not need it for a long time. Begins to form an intestine, which so far is just a tube in the form of a number “3”. On the jumper of this figure, then the umbilical cord is formed. The liver is formed, and then the esophagus and the trachea.

Your child will have gonoblasts this week – the prototypes of his sperm or eggs! Thus, information about your future grandchildren or granddaughters is already being laid!

Future Mom.

This month did not come to you monthly. You should do a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is diagnosed in three ways:

1. Express tests (strips) that are sold at each pharmacy. They reveal the presence of a hCG hormone in the urine. It is best to do the test in the morning, when the concentration of the hormone is the highest. Lower the test strip into the urine until a certain mark and wait 5-10 minutes for the result. If a second strip appears, you are pregnant. The second strip of any color and clarity is a sign of pregnancy. A weak streak is obtained if the duration of your actual pregnancy is still very small (1-7 day delay in menstrual periods). Moreover, in the first days of delay, the second strip on the test may not appear at all, just the hCG concentration is still very low. Do a second test in a week.

2. Blood test for hCG. This test reveals even the smallest concentrations of hCG in the blood. Therefore, if you are in doubt about an express test for urine, make a blood test. Blood is taken from the veins in the morning and on an empty stomach.

3. Ultrasound. Usually ultrasound can determine at this time only indirect data about whether you are pregnant, for example, increasing the size of the uterus, which also becomes more rounded. Sometimes it is possible to discern both the fetal egg embryo and the yellow body, but this does not happen every time. It is best to do ultrasound at a later date (10-12 weeks) or in case of any health problems.

So, you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, moreover, in one of the most critical and crisis periods (3-6 weeks). Your future child is developing rapidly. You should help him, because there is still a very high risk of miscarriage. Therefore, the future mother should observe the following rules:

1. Eat well. It’s good, that is, eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fresh juices, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Do not eat too much. It is better to eat more often.

2. You may already have strange taste preferences, such as pickled cucumbers, smeared with jam. Try not to get carried away with sharp, salty, smoked. Of course, it’s better to take a bite of a sharp sausage than be nervous all day, that you can not. But the piece must be really small.

3. Often drink mineral water without gas or freshly squeezed juices. Tea and coffee should be gradually eliminated from the diet. Black tea can be substituted for green tea, and coffee for chicory.

4. Be sure to take vitamins for pregnant women, especially if you live in a large metropolis. Now pollution of the environment reaches incredible proportions. If you do not feed your future baby with vitamins, it will be very difficult for him to grow properly.

5. If you are still smoking – throw it away! Carbon monoxide, which is 600% more in the blood of the smoking mom than in the non-smoker’s blood, prevents the transfer of oxygen to other tissues, including the baby. A child oxygen is now vital. The lack of oxygen can affect the formation of any child’s organ. Now it is already clear to everyone that the harm from the use of alcohol and drugs is even greater than from the use of alcohol.

6. Do not overheat. Hot bath, sauna, sauna, solarium can stimulate miscarriage, as well as interfere with normal development of the spine. Do not stay in a hot bath for more than 15 minutes and it is better to completely cancel the sauna, sauna and solarium. Although recent studies show that the sauna and bath are quite accessible and pregnant, but not longer than 10 minutes.

7. Listen carefully to your body every day. At the slightest sign of a malaise, consult a doctor. If you have any pain or reddish-brown discharge from the vagina, lie on the couch, raise your legs on the pillow and call an ambulance to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Not all hemorrhages are dangerous, many have babies, although the monthly ones have not stopped. But to the doctor it is necessary to address necessarily.

8. It is necessary to limit your fitness and other physical activity, which requires a lot of muscle tension or fraught with possible injuries (dancing, running, skating, skiing, etc.). Of course, if you have been doing sports all the time, then you should not throw it. Just choose for yourself sparing sets of exercises designed specifically for pregnant women. They will allow you to keep fit and prepare your muscles for delivery. The exception is swimming. Regular visits to the pool are recommended by all midwives.


Many women already at week 5 experience attacks of toxicosis – nausea, dizziness, even fainting. Toxicosis is quite consistently manifested in 70% of pregnant women, and at least once experienced such an attack almost 100%.

Toxicosis is caused by the activity of the yellow body, which is engaged in the production of hormones of estrogen and progesterone. Then this function will go to the placenta, then (at week 12) and your toxicosis will end. Estrogen and progesterone help your child gain strength in the uterus. Without them, the uterus can reject the embryo and miscarriage will occur. The yellow body tries and produces a lot of hormones, in excess. This explains the toxicosis.

Most often, malaise occurs in the morning. But in fact, “grab” a pregnant woman at any time and in any situation. Especially in transport or in a crowd of people. Therefore, you should carry with you bags for emergency cases, wet wipes and a small bottle of water. It is best to move as little as possible alone, let one of your relatives accompany you.

Do not hesitate to ask for help to others, especially if they are doing something that causes you another attack of toxicosis. For example, your neighbor in the office uses perfume, the smell of which you now can not stand, or someone smokes in your presence. Ask to change spirits and stop smoking – people rarely refuse a request to exhausted pregnant women.

Toxicosis goes by the 12th week of pregnancy, so you only have to suffer 6-7 weeks. Other changes that you can notice in your body: frequent urination (one of the most characteristic signs of pregnancy), drowsiness, a decrease or a sharp increase in appetite, increased fatigue.

At the emotional level, too, there is a restructuring. A woman becomes too irritable, she can suddenly get nervous and even cry, or vice versa, get into euphoria. Try to control your behavior, because in the future the situation will only worsen. This can lead to unwanted tiffles in your family.

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