Families of Syria

Syria is another proof that in every Muslim country the observance of all rules is different. The Syrians are trying to abandon strict rules, which set bans on almost all actions and even more so for women. Syrians are very sociable, they gladly go to visit themselves and receive guests.

There is very little entertainment in Syria and it is therefore guests or visitors that can defuse the situation. Syrians are very fond of talking and an invitation to dinner or dinner means that a long conversation will take place first, which can last several hours.

Alcohol in Syria is practically not used and even guests will not be offered something from hot drinks. Often at the table they sit down after a long conversation already closer to midnight. The table is always full of different dishes and guests are always offered the best piece and the guest is obliged to try everything that will be offered to him by the owner.

So after a leisurely conversation and a rich dinner or dinner, time passes. This is practically the only entertainment for many Syrians. Young people, of course, can find more interesting entertainments for themselves, but this is somewhat expensive for the average Syriac.

Muslims are very honored by all the customs and traditions that accompany them all their lives. In every detail, one can see the love of national customs, which are manifested even in how the housewives brew tea or coffee, how to lay them on the table, how to receive guests.

Hospitality in the East is one of the most entertaining traits, because only Muslims can receive a guest with such great honor that everyone can feel himself to be the most respected person. Guests are accepted in all traditions, which have not changed for many years.

As in any other country, weddings in Syria are celebrated noisily and solemnly. After all, such an event should see everything. At weddings there are not only relatives close or distant friends of the family, but also all neighbors. By tradition, weddings are celebrated separately in the bride’s house and separately in the groom’s house. The bride is going to the whole female half of the family, bridesmaids, neighbors. In the house of the groom men gather.

Celebrating is noisy and fun and usually all the fun is accompanied by songs and national dances. What is most interesting is that modern youth dances with great pleasure and under national songs and music along with modern music. Young people also have a keen sense of adherence to ancient customs.

The wedding cortege also now has become an indispensable attribute of every wedding in Syria, which rides through the city, in order to announce the streets with loud signals and cries. Every inhabitant of the city should see and know that in the life of two young people the most important event in their life takes place. Only after the motorcade passes through the city, the bride is taken to the house of the young husband.

Usually in Syria, gifts are given to young people only after a week, but in some rural areas there is still a tradition to give gifts on the second day after the wedding. On the very day of the wedding young people are given mostly small souvenirs and many flowers.

A wedding is always fine when a new family is created. The traditions that accompany the wedding ceremonies should and will be preserved, because this day must necessarily become memorable for everyone present at the wedding and, of course, for the newlyweds themselves.

Everyone can make a mistake in life, which then will be very difficult to correct. As a consequence, in Syria, so that young people do not make too hasty decisions and do not make unequal marriages, the decision about the wedding is discussed for a long time.

At first the question is decided between relatives of both young people and the bride also has the right to vote on an equal basis with everyone, despite the fact that the father always decides the fate of his children himself.

In addition, the bridegroom in Syria must prove that he can support his young wife and is ready to create a family. This means that he must have sufficient financial independence from his parents or his parents must prove that their son can support his wife and children. Proof can serve as expensive gifts, which the bridegroom presents to his bride and future wife.

It is for this reason that marriages are quite late in Syria, because not everyone can save enough money to make decent gifts and provide for their family.

The weddings of a girl in Syria can wait for a long time, until they can find a worthy person who will become for them a real support in everything and can make her happy in the full sense of the word. It also happens that girls are married after thirty years. Men in Syria can take place in bachelors even up to forty years, because they can not save the state fast enough.

There are no less customs and rituals in Syria during the funeral, because the deceased have the right to deserve to leave this world. Muslims, unlike adherents of other religions, a human body can not be kept for a long time not buried. Usually funerals occur either on the same day or the next day.

Burial is not the moment when it is worth crying a lot, because the deceased simply go to another world and they need to be dignified. The body of the deceased always turns into a white shroud. There is a funeral service in the mosque, where the body is carried. In the last way a man is seen off only by men, women are forbidden to be present at the burial.

никто No one lingers for a long time at the cemetery where the burial is taking place, because it is believed that the deceased or Allah himself can take with him the deceased who leaves the cemetery. At wake-up, it is not customary to commemorate the deceased with alcoholic beverages, only tea or coffee is served. Express their condolences on the deceased guests can come after 7 days after the funeral, and after 40 days.

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