Families of Iraq

Many countries have the same religious orientation, but for each of these countries there are some distinctive features that make the nationality unique in its own way. Some types of values ​​for all people are the same, and one of them is the family.

The family for any person in the world is so important that a person can live a full life only with his family. It is an opportunity to always have a number of people who are ready at any moment to come to the rescue, support in any endeavor and the most important is that there are always people around us who surround us with love and extraordinary warmth.

The Arab countries include Iraq, in which family traditions and values ​​are incredibly manifested, in which nobleness, honesty and purity of the soul are the first.

The rules of Muslims say that every person should always remain honest before themselves and before others, never deceive, because it is the most terrible sin, to honor the older generation and take care of their family, children and parents.

It should be noted that the Iraqis strictly follow these laws and regulations, and this is what allows them to create strong, numerous families in which each family member feels the support of everyone else and is confident that he will never be left in trouble.

Given that some rules are quite strict with regard to men and women, the Iraqis perceive quite differently some of them, and perhaps they just perceive them correctly unlike other peoples, for whom Islam is the main religion.

A woman in Iraq must honor her husband, always obey and obey him. In this sense, all women receive the same upbringing, and in them, from the very childhood, the notion of a man as a ruler is laid, which must be loved, respected and appeased, respectively. However, in fact, the relationship between the spouses is completely different.

This does not mean that women do not respect their husbands. Quite the opposite, a woman gives all her love and affection, for which only and, at the same time, she has great respect for a man. However, the man also responds to the woman in the same way, not with a disdainful attitude, as is the case in other countries. In Iraqi families, one can say between spouses there is full understanding and pacification.

All customs, which have survived from ancient times to the present day, are manifested in the life of each person until the end of his days. It is worth paying attention to the fact that Islam, like other religions, has its own norms of behavior and morality that Muslims must observe. All these rules are uniform for all and are seen in everyday life, in society, in the personal life of every Muslim, in the family.

There are separate rules and norms for behavior for men and for women in Iraq. If at first glance it might seem that there are too many restrictions and prohibitions for women, then this is not right, because men also have a fairly large list of mandatory rules and norms of behavior that are very important in the life of a man.

The Iraqis are very fond of noise, large crowds of people and crowds when talking too loudly. For them, a measured and calmer lifestyle is acceptable. Showing your feelings in Iraq is not accepted in people, and especially to show your companions a feeling of anger or irritation. Even in a family such standards of behavior are unacceptable, therefore in the house never there are serious conflicts.

Iraqis are very reserved, and they think it’s better to refrain from screaming and quarreling than wasting their strength and nerves on useless quarrels. All members of the family should understand themselves when it is necessary to stop and not continue the dispute that has begun, in order not to cross the border.

As for women in Iraq, there are norms of behavior and morality for them. The most important of all is that a woman should always remain beneficent and pure.She can not seem in a public place with her hair open and too in loose clothes. Women in Iraq wear a veil that leaves only the hands and part of the face uncovered.

Communication with extraneous men is forbidden, and even with men from their families, women can only communicate on serious issues. The husband is quite another matter, but even then it is possible to communicate with the husband on an equal footing only when the spouses remain alone. In a society it is accepted to observe all necessary rules of behavior.

Women in Iraq have limited opportunities with communication, because even with their parents, they are seen rarely, because you can not go out alone, and parents themselves do not have the habit of coming to the house of their daughter’s husband.

This is not accepted unless the spouse of the daughter invites them, which is not often the case. Iraqis honor family ties, but young spouses still prefer to live separately from their parents in order to have the opportunity to spend more time together.

When a child appears in the house, people will inevitably be in it, so at least the first time of cohabitation for a young family is better to live in a separate house or apartment. Parents are not against this situation, and even they always help so that young people can have a separate home. This can be a wedding gift that parents make on both sides or it is a gift from the groom and his parents.

Young people can buy their own homes before they decide to tie their lives by marriage. There are different possibilities, the main thing is that the newlyweds have the opportunity to start their own life, not life with other people’s tips and tips that can not always be true.

For each person, the family has its own special meaning, but still the concept of a family for all is one – they are native people who will never leave us and who will always give us a huge amount of warmth and love.

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