Families of Australia

You can pay attention to the fact that in many countries the family is a large family clan, which includes different aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and other relatives whose degree of kinship is not always clear.

For the same countries where families are not very large, people try to meet as often as possible and spend together holidays and family celebrations. Even if family members are very far apart, they still maintain relations with the help of modern communication.

Families of Australia

Parents strongly support their children, who leave their parents and create their families, help them in difficult times, and the children themselves never leave their parents. It happens that younger children stay in their parents’ house just to help them.

Nothing like this can be said about Australian families, it’s a special country, with its well-formed foundations. Australia is dramatically different in this sense, because there is no such thing as a clan family or society, they simply do not exist. Here all try to live separately and very rarely you can see that the whole family, consisting of a small number of the closest relatives, would come together.

Australians are different in that their families are poorly maintained family ties and often relatives can lose sight of each other for a very long time. This is not because Australians do not want to have strong family ties, but because Australians live where there is work.

The main population of all of Australia is immigrants who moved to this country in search of work. It happens that some families generally do not stay very long in one place of residence. Even those Australian families where young people live with their parents do not stay long in one place.

Generally, parents do not have a great desire to live with young people. Many simply wait – they will not wait when the children finally leave their parents’ home. If you really think about it, how can you get pleasure from the fact that your child will live all your life, even if you love him madly.

In the end, and parents want to be alone for a while and live peacefully in their own pleasure. Parents in Australia, after their children have their own home, arrange their personal, independent life, begin to fully enjoy life, they are starting the moment of freedom.

Each Australian suburb has its own characteristics. In one district only young families live, in the other region only elderly people live. In Australia, so there are not so many areas where there is an opportunity to live both for young families and elderly people at the same time.

Thus, a separate small town is created, where people with more or less similar interests live. What can be the common interest of elderly parents and young people full of life and energy? There will not be retirees going to parties with young people, just like young people will not want to listen to the problems of older people.

In Australia, the government has taken good care of people, and social benefits are so large that any Australian family can live without problems, as it gets full financial independence. So even if it happened that both spouses are left without work, they can continue to live, without reducing their level of income due to the fact that the state will provide this family with any help until both spouses get to their feet.

In addition, social security very much helps young families who are just starting a life together and they have to start everything from scratch. It is necessary to equip housing, create a home, and all this requires significant funds.

Although marriages in Australia are already at a fairly conscious age, when both young spouses already have some sort of stable step under themselves and their means is enough to live on their own.

Parents do not refuse to help their children, but they do not particularly strive for this, believing that young people, if they decide to start a family, should realize that for this it is necessary to have a firm ground under their feet and be able to provide for themselves without reckoning to help from the outside.

Australians themselves are very interesting people. They are benevolent, they like to receive guests and do not want to spend time with friends in a company, to sit with their friends in a restaurant. Some of their aspects of behavior can alert visiting tourists.

Australia is a country where you should not always believe what you see, because Australians can express their feelings and emotions in society in a completely different way than with closer acquaintance. Sometimes one can also notice a difference in the views of the same person in the different companies in which he is present.

This is somewhat like hypocrisy, but Australians have the right to do it, because if you think it over, they have created for themselves such living conditions in which they now live. They created themselves a small paradise on earth, and they have the right to behave in it as they want.

Australians are very special in their behavior. They took a lot from the English, their gallantry and the rules of etiquette. In all this the Australians have made their own special notes.

The main feature of Australians is a bit of boasting and bragging, they everywhere need to stand out and show themselves. The man in front of the woman opens the door, the host, meeting the guests, also opens the doors before them. If a woman or a man with children appears, someone will rush to open the door to this crowd.

As for the usual words of gratitude for the service, this can not be waited. Australians are very fond of talking and, in the big queue, they will wait patiently for their turn. Time he will hold this necessarily with benefit for themselves, because there are so many interlocutors around.

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