Electronic Cigarette

In an attempt to quit smoking, a person resorts to various tricks. One of the means of nicotine replacement therapy is an electronic cigarette. In its form, this inhaler is close to a normal cigarette.

During the use of such a device, steam with nicotine, which simulates tobacco smoke, is generated. True, the World Health Organization is very skeptical about such products, their use and safety have not been adequately researched.

In the meantime, manufacturers and users are generating a series of rumors about these devices. Some of us assure us of their full effectiveness, while others convince us of their harm. Where is the truth hidden, we will try to figure it out by debunking the most popular myths about electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are harmful to health.

There are no scientific studies that clearly prove this statement. In addition, the composition of the liquid for this device includes safe substances. The same propylene glycol has been used in the food industry for half a century.

With the transition to electronic cigarettes, people start to smoke more.

Partially this statement is true. But even an increased number of sessions allows you to enter the body a smaller amount of harmful substances. Even if you smoke all day without stopping, the body will receive 4-6 mg of nicotine. This volume corresponds to half the usual pack of cigarettes.

The smoke of an electronic cigarette is more harmful than that of an ordinary cigarette.

There are no pitches, no carcinogens, no combustion products, no other harmful substances in this smoke. An ordinary cigarette allows to penetrate into the body more than 12 thousand different substances and chemical compounds. 196 of them are poisonous, and 14 are generally narcotic. One of the strongest plant poisons is nicotine. It is enough to bring a wand to the bird’s beak, as it dies. A quarter of a drop of poison is enough to kill a rabbit, and half of a drop is a dog. A lethal dose for a person is 2-3 drops or 50-100 mg. That’s what it takes in the blood every day after smoking 20-25 cigarettes. In this regard, the vapor of the electronic cigarette is absolutely harmless.

Electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere.

And although these cigarettes do not have an unpleasant smell, they should not be used in public places. The surrounding smoke can still be unpleasant.

The World Health Organization approved electronic cigarettes.

This statement is false and you can not believe it. To get the certificate of this respected organization, it is necessary to go through many years of research. Few of the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes concerned about this issue, but this work is being done. Certification takes from 4 to 10 years. Some brands in 2005-2006 sent their applications, waiting until now the result.

You can quit smoking with electronic cigarettes.

This statement is only partly true. By gradually reducing the amount of nicotine consumed, it is really possible to get rid of tobacco dependence. But more important is the desire of the person himself. Electronic cigarettes will help make the process of quitting smoking easier and more comfortable.

Electronic cigarettes can be smoked even in the presence of children.

To do so it is impossible! And although there are no harmful substances in the smoke of electronic cigarettes, there are no pitches and carcinogens, smoking with children is not worth it. First of all, they can adopt a bad habit. It is better if children do not see adults with a cigarette in their mouth.

Because of electronic cigarettes, a new relationship is emerging.

And this myth has no scientific justification. Usually the smoker has at once two dependencies – nicotine and psychological. The strongest is the first. Cigarette allows you to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine consumed. In this case, the cigarette is no longer associated with the saturation of the body. That is why some smokers who have decided to end the addiction, gradually in the future completely refuse to smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are no different from each other.

To say this is just like counting and all cars are the same. There are more than two hundred tastes on the market. You can try and pick up any model you like.

Electronic cigarettes can be smoked even by a minor.

It is worth remembering that this product is still nicotine-containing. Consequently, it can only be used by adults. In some US states, the purchase of tobacco products is allowed for young people from 18-19 years of age. This product also contains nicotine and belongs to this category.

Electronic cigarettes badly affect the kidneys and liver.

There is no research that would show the negative effects of such a product on the kidneys and liver.

Electronic Cigarette

The main component of electronic cigarettes is antifreeze.

The main component of electronic cigarettes is not antifreeze, but propylene glycol. This component is well known in the food, chemical and cosmetic industries. As a filler, it is neutral and harmless. But the antifreeze uses poisonous ethylene glycol. Despite the similar name, this substance has very different properties than propylene glycol.

Electronic cigarettes are allowed everywhere.

In some countries there are restrictions on the importation, sale and even smoking of electronic cigarettes. For example, in Jordan and Syria, these nicotine-containing foods are prohibited. There are states where electronic cigarettes refer to medical instruments or to tobacco products. In this case, the implementation will require special licenses. This is New Zealand, Malaysia, Denmark, Austria. And in Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands, even the advertising of electronic cigarettes is banned.

One charge of a battery and a cartridge will last for a whole day.

Sellers insist that the batteries of the device last for a week, and the cartridge can replace a whole block of cigarettes. In fact, the battery in reality is only 5-6 hours of product use. And the cartridge corresponds to only 10-20 cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are not a source of passive smoking.

It is believed that passive smoking is no less harmful than active. Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes assure that their products can be used anywhere, since no harmful smoke is generated. Nevertheless, its inhalation is unsafe. Experts believe that the level of toxic substances in such smoke is really lower than in tobacco smoke. But here are the smallest particles of heavy metals, other substances are present in this product. This can also damage the lungs of an unauthorized person. The bodies that control food and medicine monitor electronic cigarettes. Probably, it will be necessary to introduce age restrictions, conduct scientific research, put forward a number of requirements. All these measures will help reduce the risks associated with smoking even electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes will soon be everywhere illegal.

In some countries, really try to ban electronic cigarettes. But given that this product is rapidly gaining popularity, its ban is unlikely to happen in the near future.

Electronic cigarettes are dangerous, because no one knows what is inside them.

If the product is produced by a reputable company, there can not be any surprises. Any law-abiding brand talks about ingredients, so it’s known that a person smokes.

Electronic cigarettes may explode in close proximity to the face.

This will not happen if you do not start messing around with the fluid while working, if you use batteries designed for this model and follow all instructions. In this case, there can not be any explosions.

Electronic cigarettes are more expensive than conventional cigarettes.

Everything depends on the brand, but mainly the use of electronic cigarettes is economically justified. The most popular brands offer a product whose refueling is much more profitable than using conventional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes contain too many chemicals.

And then you should pay attention to the brand. Typically, dangerous counterfeit control authorities are quickly withdrawn from the sale. It is worth to carefully approach the choice of product, pre-exploring the market.

Electronic cigarettes cause cancer.

This myth dispels research. This product does not use tobacco, which leaves a resin when burning. So the cigarette does not contain the main carcinogenic components, which are dangerous traditional tobacco smoke.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine.

This statement is only partly true. A person can choose cartridges and the content of nicotine in them. In products EverSmoke, it is from 6 to 18 mg, but there are absolutely “empty” shells in this respect. Most other manufacturers also offer different options, allowing the smoker to even form his own strategy of phasing out smoking and nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes have an unpleasant taste.

This statement is relevant only to cheap brands. There are many quality products that are loved by people for their excellent aroma. Each person has his own idea of ​​what he likes. In the early years of the appearance of this product, many people really complained about it. But since then the situation has changed. Manufacturers recognize the importance of the presence of electronic cigarettes of good taste.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is more exciting than normal.

Dependence can become more powerful when it comes to convenience and pleasant feelings. Nevertheless nicotine in tobacco products attracts to itself nevertheless stronger purely on a chemical level.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette maker tries to attract and non-smokers.

Such products are produced and intended just for smokers. Millions of people use electronic cigarettes as a means of controlling and reducing dependence, allowing you to save on addiction.

Electronic cigarettes are designed to attract teenagers.

It is believed that sweet tastes and fashionable packaging help attract teenagers to the product. But the producer in his advertising does not address either children or young people. To purchase electronic cigarettes, you need to pass the age limit, as in the case of ordinary tobacco. Nicotine is not allowed to be sold to minors, whether it is tobacco products or the smoke of electronic cigarettes. And bright advertising and packaging is a common appeal, not age-oriented. It turns out that not young people, and older people are active fans of electronic cigarettes, trying different tastes of their “defender”.

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