Blood donation

is a voluntary donation of a person’s blood. Her or constituent components are used for transfusion to those in need or for the production of medications. The very concept originated from the Latin “donare”, which means to give.

According to statistics, transfusion is done annually to one and a half million Russians, and on the Earth every third at least once needed donor blood. It is required for patients suffering from burns, injuries, in complex operations, childbirth, as well as for patients with hemophilia or anemia.


Every year on June 14, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated. Donation has always been considered an honorable activity, encouraged morally and materially. However, despite the lack of blood, many are just afraid to become donors. Many faults are to blame for this, which we will consider below.

Donation is contagious.

There are rumors that donors can pick up an infection when they donate blood. With the modern level of medicine, this is absolutely impossible. The entire instrument used for transfusion is disposable. After use, all this is utilized, so the risk of infection is zero.

No one needs a rare blood group.

Many people refuse to participate in the program, as their rare and uncommon group will hardly need anyone. Others on the contrary believe that their group is the most common and widespread and it is not necessary. And so and so to say – a big mistake. After all, people with a common blood group are also many, which means that it takes a lot of donors and blood for them. But people with a rare blood group (for example, the fourth or with a negative Rh factor) are very few, therefore, there is a shortage of donors for such patients. Therefore, each donor with a rare blood group is important.

Donors get fatter.

Probably, the authors of this myth became donors who adore the sweet and lead a sedentary lifestyle. These people can not admit that they are getting fat because of their lifestyle and diet. So the myth about the effect of donation on weight was born. In fact, there is no particular effect on the surrender of blood to weight. It does not get fat and do not lose weight.

Donation entails a worsening of complexion.

This misconception, on the contrary, regular donors have a healthy skin color and blush. The fact is that during the donation of blood, the body self-renews, as the excess of blood, as well as its components, are formed evolutionarily. Once a person has given his blood, the body receives a signal that it is time to update. As a result, the body conducts prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Accordingly, the result is clear – a clean healthy skin. You can recall the method of treatment with leeches, during which bloodsuckers suck blood. The essence of treatment is absolutely the same. So even from the village was aware of the benefits of a small bloodletting.

Donation is harmful, because the body loses precious blood.

Even our ancestors, who lived in the bosom of the wild, often lost blood as a result of injuries, injuries. Today, a person is much more protected. He does not have to climb the rocks and fight for a piece of food with wild animals. But nature provides us with a reserve of blood, according to old memory. Sometimes this stock will even be useful to reset, but it is better to share it with those who need it.

Donation, in fact, unnatural.

The stranger always tries to stop the bleeding, and the donor, on the contrary, gives blood. The fact is that the donor also trains an additional nonspecific reaction of the body to the loss of oneself. As a result, in a critical case, the donor, even with great loss of blood, has more chances to survive than a person who has never given blood. Especially the surrender of blood will be useful for women who lose a lot of it during childbirth.Although the balance of blood is replenished within a month, the body allegedly remembers the stressful situation for itself and already knows how to behave in such cases.

Donation, as a drug, is addictive.

There is even an unscientific term “chronic donor syndrome”, which denotes this phenomenon. In fact, there is no such thing in people who donate blood, there are no complications associated with regular blood donation by a person.

The donation has a “national color”, people of a certain nationality are better suited for the blood of a donor of the same nationality.

The fact is that at the cellular level, all people have the same blood composition. Each of us has lymphocytes, platelets, erythrocytes, etc. in it. Blood has 4 groups – I, II, III, IV. Also, in people with the same blood group, it can have a different Rh factor. In 85% Rh positive, and 15 – negative. The blood of a donor with the same rhesus and the same group approaches the recipient. There are no more differences in the blood. There are no specific features that characterize a person’s nationality.

Blood carries a part of a person’s personality.

The recipient may receive habits or beliefs from the donor. As part of the blood there is nothing that would carry information about our beliefs, beliefs or habits. But the way of life lays a certain imprint on the blood. She can tell about viruses that live in the body, and abuse – smoking and alcohol. Therefore, it is very important for the donor to monitor his health, as he is responsible not only for himself, but also for the person to whom his blood will fall.

The church does not approve of donorship, it is alien to religion.

Allegedly such an opinion is heard from the TV screens. However, most likely there is confusion with another phenomenon. The matter is that there is a lively debate in the media about cloning and the associated stem cell donation procedure. Here to such phenomena the church has an ambiguous attitude. But blood donation is an act of mercy, because in this way a person realizes a desire to help in saving another’s life. Representatives of the main religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – favorably treat such an act.

Donation is harmful to the biofield, since a puncture with a needle damages the energy integrity.

For traditional medicine, such a statement generally makes little sense. As for the ancient philosophy, it is enough to recall acupuncture (acupuncture or acupuncture). Literally the word “acupuncture” means, in Latin, a “needle prick”. The very method of treatment originated in ancient China, where medicine was inseparably linked with human spirituality. These methods of treatment are now spread around the world. And ask yourself a question, what is more harmful for a biofield: a needle prick or a bad act, expressed in refusing to help your neighbor?

Gay can not be a donor.

In Russia, beginning in 2006, gay activists sought to amend the law on donation, in which gay men were challenged, along with other at-risk individuals (drug addicts, prostitutes). Homosexuals, defending their civil rights, in addition to official appeals to the Prosecutor General’s Office, held protests. And their appeals were crowned with success. On April 16, 2008, the withdrawal from homosexual blood donation was abolished.

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