Common misconceptions of men

It would be naive to believe that there are no mistakes about women among men at all. Rather, even vice versa. In this you can be sure to become acquainted with the fateful mistakes for many naturalists.

Common misconceptions of men

From prostitutes are excellent wives.

This saying is not right at the root. A prostitute at best is a nymphomaniac and a good (at least faithful) wife can not be by definition, or, more often, in prostitutes, a woman finds herself in search of “easy” profit or simply money, which suggests very vague ideas about decency and a distorted interpretation of the basic alternatives “what is good and what is bad.” In addition, inevitably perceiving men as the object of the sphere of production, they (prostitutes) also see men in all the variety of manifestations of far from the most visible features of a man’s essence. Such close contact, as a rule, causes severe psychological trauma or gives rise to a certain complex in relation to men. Both, alas, are not compatible with normal family life.

If you raise a wife from a young age, raising her “for yourself”, then it will be yours forever.

Nothing of the sort! The fact is that in the mind of a teenage girl, her first beloved man occupies almost the entire universe, he and the focus of wisdom, and strength itself, and masculinity, etc. etc. But having won you, she wants to know herself and the fullness of her power (or charm) over others. Her next step is to try strength on other men. And you, yesterday only and beloved, inevitably become just a piece of a huge world, consisting, in addition, thanks to the awakening libido multiplied by girlish selfishness, from a huge number of such different men. And knowing all your weaknesses and shortcomings, expressed and expressed in a moment of mental unhappiness, she can easily push and forget the first, but, alas, not the last love.

Good wives are obtained from girls who grew up in dysfunctional families.

It is believed that if you “favor” such a girl, warming her and enabling him to exist under normal conditions, then at least in gratitude to you she will be an ideal wife. Unfortunately, and this is not so. A girl from a dysfunctional family who did not satisfy in her childhood emotional needs for warmth, attention, affection, a girl who was little cared for, becoming a woman, fills an unmet need for attention with increased care for a man, often with a difficult fate, becoming his wife, nanny, mother. She does not believe that she is worthy of being happy, she is inclined to “all-consuming” and “sizzling” love, which, usually, like all strong displays of feelings and affection from a woman of men, frightens and repels. Ordinary, “fresh” life, too, does not give her a sense of happiness, she needs “exceptional” circumstances for the manifestation of “exceptional” feelings (her whole life she dreamed of a prince on a white horse).

If a woman “walks up” before meeting you, then she will calm down and become a calm and faithful companion.

Unfortunately, probably this is also, it would seem, saving for the consciousness of many “rule”. A woman will behave with you in the same way as with all previous partners. Deviations from the usual scenario are possible only in the period of the initial love, some illusion may arise, it is “corrected”. But it only seems so. As soon as the euphoria and freshness of impressions from the new connection evaporates, everything will return to “its own” and you will fill up a rich list of its “fatal failures.”

There are no frigid women.

Unfortunately, there are! Mother’s despotism, her step-father and some other negative factors that took place during puberty, can form a persistent inferiority complex in the girl and even cause frigidity. Incidentally, the misconception and the fact that such a woman can “wake up” only an attentive, gentle and patient man.Negativity of the first sexual experience develops into a persistent stereotype in the mind, and in this case, it is often necessary to have a “bad”, negative type, orgasm is achieved only if this woman is grossly mastered, a situation is needed that reproduces violence (or violence, ).

A man should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not for everyone and not always! Many women brutality simply scares. The ancient truth is true to this day – women love with ears, and therefore love those who have a well-hung tongue. There are, of course, a number of factors. But the mountain of muscles from them is far from being the main one and not necessarily at all.

Bright, screaming appearance and evoking behavior in women are signs of sexuality.

No, rather, these are signs of certain psychological complexes and bad education. Sexual women externally – often “gray mice”, true sexuality can be recognized only by subtle nuances of behavior, it does not immediately strike the eye.

The size of a penis for a woman is not important.

Although in terms of physiological for a woman it does not matter what size it is, they prefer that a man should have a large member. This is for them a pleasant surprise, the joy of possessing something outstanding, a peculiar fetishism. In addition, men with a large penis are usually more confident in sexual contacts, and this (confidence) by women is very, very appreciated.

Women who lead a chaste way of life, narrow vagina (and vice versa).

The size of the vagina in all women is about the same, it should be missed during childbirth. Only the tonus of the muscles forming the vaginal wall differs, and it depends on the way of life (mobile or inactive) and whether the woman is engaged in gymnastics of the pelvic muscles. Only elementary laziness and “free” attitude to sex does not allow a woman’s vagina not to take the form of a penis partner.

Anal (oral) sex does not give women pleasure.

Delivers, and more like, at least to the vast majority of women who are actively living sexually. They just sometimes hide it because of natural shyness, peculiarities of upbringing or just to keep a man on the hook of this so seductive process.

Good sex can keep a woman, even if she does not like other qualities of a partner.

Sex is undoubtedly an important component of any union, but meanwhile, sex is not the main thing for a woman. Even without experiencing orgasm, a woman can be happy. She can be satisfied with the “reflected” pleasure from the fact that she managed to make a loved one pleasant, to give him joy. In general, the whole sex woman perceives “over the head”, ears, feelings and emotions, and the technology itself recedes into the background (but no further).

Women can not be beaten.

Quarrels (and fights as their partial version) are an indispensable and beneficial component of a successful love union. Another thing is that some couples are limited to clapping an ostrich fan, and others do not have a stool to express their feelings. In a quarrel, hidden discontent and claims come to the surface. This is an opportunity, on the one hand, to express all sore points, to let off steam, and on the other (to listen or not to heed) critical remarks of the opposing side. It is important only not to affect the heat of the “forbidden” (they each have their own), especially the painful sides of the beloved, such spiritual wounds heal for a very long time. In addition, many women generally like to feel the brute force of a partner, although they never admit it, it is very exciting. Everything that is achieved by force has a special, pleasant taste. (always remember that before you is not Mike Tyson)

Common misconceptions of men

If we really love each other, then we will be inseparable.

Even very loving people sometimes get tired from each other. And in this case, unfortunately, often someone alone needs to be alone. This does not mean at all that everything is over, the feelings have cooled down and the love has passed, it just takes some time for emotional fatigue to pass.Separation of feelings brings together, it increases in our eyes the positive side of the beloved and reduces the negative. A wise partner himself feels such moments in advance and tries not to fall for once again to the eye.

We are one whole.

Nothing of the kind is just one half of the whole.

If she finds out my faults, she will leave me.

If he leaves, then for the better, the price is not very high for such a companion, and if you really appreciate and love, then it will help you overcome or at least smooth out the difficulties that arise.

Any woman can always instinctively catch all your desires and needs.

A common misconception, leading to a lot of quarrels and misunderstandings, which could have been avoided. Even the closest and loving person can not understand in what state you are, what you need and in general can perceive what is happening in a completely different way. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, some clarifications are needed.

Love (woman) can be bought with gifts.

Of course, women need to make gifts, they need signs of attention. And besides, your presents, being in front of your eyes, are constantly reminded of you, evoking a feeling of affection and gratitude with all the consequences that follow. But large gifts disunite people. Having received such a gift, the woman considers her acquaintance, the connection “realized”, she has already “received her”. In addition, there is a sense of dependence, which is often inhibited by natural response and gratitude. Of course, the woman placed in the “golden cage” is likely to remain beside you, but what will happen in her head and in her life – it is better not to know you, and you will not even know.

Modern women do not want to get married.

Everybody wants to be married! If not married – just did not find, or have not yet acquired, for whom he wants.

A long-time partner will turn a blind eye to betrayal, prefer to be deceived, not noticed, not to know.

Female curiosity is unrestrained. There are not any inconvenient women. If a woman says that she does not want to know something, then she already knows all this. In all situations, a woman will want to know everything to the end, in order to be able to know everything to the end, in order to be ready for any surprises. She will not torture you, but she will know everything, up to the size of her rival’s bra. As for betrayal, a woman can learn to live with it, but will not be able to overcome her feelings. She can get used to this thought, but not forgive. And her revenge can overtake you at any time in the most unexpected way.

A man can at any time break up a relationship with a woman, regardless of her desire.

All the threads of the relationship are in the hands of women. Female intuition, a natural inclination to intrigue and manipulation make these creatures virtually invincible in the war of the sexes. To fight with them according to their rules is a hopeless business. Only force methods are won, and even then the male losses are incalculable. Being also involved “on an equal footing” in the “love process”, you will inevitably turn out to be a loser and a victim, and, fortunately, if for some unknown reason your position will be completely hidden from you by the most insidious, capricious, unpredictable and treacherous slave owner of all that nature has created – a woman.

She always sucks me hysterical.

Some men think that their wives almost deliberately arrange hysterics to annoy them or use the current situation for any other purposes. However, in reality, hysterics can not be ordered (unless the woman suffers from a severe psychological disorder and has unsurpassed artistic data). And the fact that the hysterics occurred, it’s not one who is to blame, but both. And accusations against each other are useless. It is much better to work together to understand what is the reason for hysterics and how best to avoid them in the future. It should be borne in mind that we often do not see the true causes of hysterics.For example, both husband and wife think that the scandal was due to the fact that there is not enough money to live, and the husband does not know how to make money. In fact, this is only an excuse, and the main reason for hysterics is a woman’s feeling of her uselessness, lack of attention and tenderness from her husband, sexual dissatisfaction, etc.

Common misconceptions of men

Women love with their ears.

It would seem that this statement does not call any doubts. This is known to everyone and does not require proof. But it turns out that not all women experience the love of lascivious speeches from men. In any case, not in all countries. One of the sociological services of Spain conducted an interesting survey. Two thousand respondents aged 16 to 55 years were asked: “How do you feel about male compliments?”. The poll results were completely refuted (at least in Spain) by the common view that women love with their ears. Only 15% said that they are pleased to listen to compliments, 25% show complete indifference to them, and 60% of virtually all age groups simply hate them. What can I say … Perhaps this is a consequence of the notorious feminism, which has become much more widespread in the west, when a woman takes any enthusiastic expression of a man in her address for harassment. But we must also pay tribute to the female hearing as such. They hear much better than men. They all without exception hear better high tones, apparently it’s natural that it would be better to distinguish a crying baby in the dark. But apart from that, most of them distinguish better and low tones.

A man must satisfy a woman.

He does not owe her anything. If the piano is not tuned, no virtuoso can extract beautiful sounds from it. If a woman is not ready to receive pleasure, then you should not blame the man. The trouble is that the “cold” woman usually makes the parents, and often guided by the best wishes. For example, a mother who had a negative experience with a man gives her daughter the following: “All men are goats! They need sex only, and then he will leave you.” It’s not surprising that this is exactly what happens, because subconsciously a daughter needs to implement a script “laid” by her mother. But such an installation may not necessarily be verbal. The daughter can and “read” the subconscious level of the mother’s disrespectful attitude to the father (the reverse situation leads to the same effect), and then transferred to the men with whom they will meet. Litvak ME: “A cold woman is often brought up in an intelligent and aristocratic family.” We, my daughter, did not make it to the top, so do not miss. Learn better, do not think about boys You have a great future. “She works in an art studio, a ballroom, a music school, etc. Classmates seem to her jerks to be unattractive … She is waiting for her” hero “and … does not acquire the necessary sexual experience.” In short, if a man can not make a woman “hot”, then do not blame him.

Stupid women in bed are better.

Many men for some reason believe that stupid women in bed are better than those who do not differ in intelligence and ingenuity. Relax (or vice versa, strain), there is no communication between the level of intelligence development and temperament. Another thing is that women are not too smart often are easier to persuade and less demanding.

Thin women are sexier than full.

This opinion is inherent in many men and especially young people. However, in reality things are not so unambiguous. And among thin women there are many not very special sexuality, and among full (excluding excessive obesity) there are often overactive, temperamental women. In this case, a lot depends on the man himself. If a woman answers his ideal, then whether she is fat or thin, with his help and with his skill, she can turn into a skillful mistress.

During a lifetime a man is able to perform only a certain number of full-fledged sexual acts.

Friend (friend, brother, companion) – relax! Once such an opinion existed even in scientific circles. Currently, sexologists have long refuted it. But even if this were the case, in the world since the days of Adam and Eve there is no evidence of this in practice, but there are 80-year-old sexual giants.

Wet “pussy” – the girl is ripe.

This is not always the case. To a greater extent, the partner’s breath can testify to readiness. The transition from normal breathing to deep and relaxed is what determines the woman’s readiness for sexual intercourse. And you do not need to have a musical ear to hear this transition. Sex during pregnancy.

Previously it was believed, and many people still think that it is necessary to refuse sex during pregnancy. However, in the past, experts came to the conclusion that sex in general has a beneficial effect on pregnancy, and is simply necessary for a woman. After all, during pregnancy, the expectant mother especially needs love and affection. In addition, as recent studies show, this is very important for the health of the child. The danger for a pregnant woman is not a sexual act, as such, but its overly aggressive form. Therefore, most likely, it is worth thinking about the ways and their quality, than on necessity. In conclusion, we quote from the Indian book “Dialogues of Shiva and Shakti”: “Pregnancy has many stages, and no hard and hasty rules can be made for or against sex during this time.” Common sense and intuition should govern all activities during pregnancy, and if there is any doubt, you should look for advice.However, it is important not to limit natural needs during pregnancy, provided that they do not harm the growing child.Some, of course, is safe during the first few months of pregnancy, of them should be dealt with more gently, not with bolshok activity, one should choose positions that provide maximum comfort and support … “

The longer, the better.

Try for a sufficiently long time (say, 20 minutes) to lightly rub yourself in one place. I guarantee, you will get tired of it already in the third minute, by the 10th you will call, and if you endure to the 20th, you risk getting a mental breakdown. And this is not due to the fact that you are rubbing yourself. Be it anyone else, the result will be the same. It is caused by the specific nature of the person’s nervous perception. However, this is possible if the woman is ready for this. Sexologists also argue that the effectiveness of sexual intercourse is much more important than duration: with good excitement, most women achieve orgasm in 1.5-5 minutes. Of course it’s good if the man can control himself and is able to continue the sexual act for a long time, however, if the woman is not properly prepared, then it is not so important to her how long the act will last (a minute or half an hour) of orgasm. And long-term relations will be perceived as an annoying duty. And God forbid you, use metal rings on your penis to prolong the erection!

Girls love only the rich.

Yes, in the male environment, the myth is very common that girls regard all men they meet on their way as mere potential sponsors. Many men as a test of the degree of self-interest ladies specifically decide not to make the girl any gifts before the wedding. And the meaning? Today one, tomorrow another – and do not go broke for long. In fact, in the life of a woman there is one stage, when she is completely dependent on the ability of a man to procure food. This is the prenatal and postnatal period. Naturally, any woman of sound mind and solid memory will look for a man who will be able to provide this food for her. And her, and their child. But in the remaining stages of their lives, more and more women want to be financially independent of men.After all, material dependence entails a moral lack of freedom, and often – a physical one. But in some ways this stereotype is right: it can not be denied that among the women there are also candid hunters behind the sponsors. However, according to research, in our time among highly developed women more and more fashionable are loyal, reliable and intelligent men, pushing the rich to the third plan. And the higher the level of development of a woman, the more solvency she requires from her chosen one. But not financial solvency, but moral and intellectual.

All girls dream of marriage.

This stereotype developed in the days when women could not yet receive education, earn money and stayed at home. Naturally, in such a situation, marriage became the only way for women to secure themselves and their offspring. So they tried to jump out in marriage at all costs and for whom they were lucky. Indeed, the famous maiden dream: a prince on a white horse, a white dress, a bunch of guests, a wedding cake, a limousine, gifts, flowers … But girls grow up, and as statistics show, nowadays many of them are disappointed in this dream. According to statistics, every second marriage in Russia ends in divorce. And in 60-80% of cases, the woman initiates the divorce. Many modern women tend to earn themselves to avoid dependence on the desires and moods of men. Today, the pathological desire to get married is observed only among women with a low level of education, unable to provide themselves, or among women who, from childhood, were taught that to contain “such beauty” is the sacred duty of men. Psychologists believe that marriage was invented by men. In order to “mark” “his woman” stamp in the passport, to protect, so to speak, from the encroachment of competitors.

Does a woman have a bad mood? For a long time there was no sex.

Recollect, how often, when you hear a story about some stupid lady ask the question: “Does she have a peasant?” For some reason, men believe that the lack of sex dramatically spoils the female character. This stereotype was formed due to the fact that sex, or rather orgasm, saturate the female body with endorphins – soothing and relaxing hormones. With a strong orgasm, hormones of pleasure are thrown into the bloodstream. However, the action of both hormones is short – a maximum of several hours. In fact, the lack of regular sex does not affect the character of the woman.

Beautiful girls are stupid girls.

Indeed, this male stereotype spoiled a lot of blood to beautiful girls. Take, for example, a device to work. Whom, in your opinion, will be chosen by the employer for the position of the leading specialist: a beauty of model appearance or an unsympathetic pretender in a trouser suit? For all his sympathy for the first, most likely, he will choose the second. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, sometimes young and beautiful girls really do not shine with the mind. But do not all scratch one size: the beauty of a girl does not prevent her from being intellectually developed. From the point of view of physiology, everything is just the opposite: deviations from the norm in appearance are signs of unfavorable genetics, the consequences of which are often deviations in mental development. It is no accident that we like people with the right features – instinctively we prefer individuals without genetic deviations. So, a girl with the right features, most likely, and in development does not lag behind. According to psychologists, this stereotype was formed due to the peculiarity of the male psyche: men tend to wish that the women they liked were more stupid than them. Smart and beautiful girls know perfectly well how to make this and other men’s instincts work for themselves, and skillfully pretend to be naive weak cuties.

Smart girls are evil.

Men are trying to reason logically. Once clever, it means, instead of dating from childhood, he sits at the books. Once with men is not found, it means sex is not enough.And since sex is not enough, it means that her character is ugly (see stereotype, described above). In fact, the character of a person is formed under the influence of different factors: the environment, upbringing, temperament – all can not be counted. It is because of this that each is individual. And kindness or anger are only properties of character. And the presence or absence of the mind does not affect their development in any way.

Common misconceptions of men

If a girl tries to look good, then she wants sex.

Here, the male notorious logic again brings men. In their opinion, if girls do all these unthinkable female things over themselves – make-up, manicure, hairdresser, tailor, stiletto, etc. – then this is for one single purpose: like the opposite sex and drag it into bed. In reality, according to surveys, caring about their appearance, two-thirds of women first of all think about what their girlfriends, female colleagues will say and how unfamiliar women will appreciate them. And after this – men. It will be a mistake to say that only the need for sex dictates to girls the desire to look good. Girls with Nordic temperament take care of their appearance no less than girls with a southern temperament, although they rarely want sex. And with men, they flirt for the simple reason that they are motivated by the female hormone estrogen, which forces women to flirt with men even when their sexual desires are “at zero.”

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