Bodybuilding myths.

Bodybuilding or bodybuilding is the process of developing and building up different muscle groups through various physical exercises, as well as special protein-based nutrition. A person who lifts weights in order to increase the volume or quality of muscles is called a bodybuilder (or bodybuilder).

Competitive bodybuilding is a sport where, based on the volume of muscles, the quality of their development and the overall aesthetic appearance of the bodybuilder, the judges determine the best.

Bodybuilding myths.

This sport is not perceived by many at all. Despite its popularity, bodybuilding is constantly attacked. In the media, he does not receive as much attention as, for example, football, little literate and accessible literature.

From here and a whole lot of fancies, half-hearings and just gossip, which, in addition, fueled by dubious press. Let’s try to dispel the most common about bodybuilding myths.

Muscles are not needed at all.

Most of the townsfolk experience negative emotions when they see a “pumped-up” sportsman. People do not understand why muscle groups are needed, because it is much more beneficial, it would seem, to develop endurance, flexibility, and reaction. It seems that in the daily life of the muscles do not carry any useful functions. However, does any sport carry daily functionality? For example, weightlifting or pushing the core will not bring health benefits, rather, even this is an extra burden on the spine. And what is the practical meaning of running at different distances? To be on time for an outgoing tram? However, no one has a question in the expediency of the existence of heavy or athletics. Professional sports – this is a demonstration of the capabilities of man and his body, and the way of realization.
The uniqueness of bodybuilding is that, even without aspiring to peaks and medals, and just training, you can help your health. Strong back muscles will help maintain a harmonious posture until old age, trained abdominal muscles have a beneficial effect on digestion. Regularly lifting the weight, the bodybuilder strengthens his cardiovascular system. A well-known fact is that these sportsmen practically do not get osteochondrosis.
They say that training with weights interferes with the growth of the body and negatively affects the eyesight? Do not believe it! One of the brightest Russian athletes – Alexander Fedorov has a height of 184 cm, and the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, beginning to train at 14, being below 180 cm rose to 187 cm. Starting to engage in bodybuilding in adolescence, athletes did not stop at all in their growth. If the lessons influenced the eyesight, the gyms would resemble a society of the blind, where all people would be wearing glasses. But there is no such thing in sight, the number of people wearing glasses is quite ordinary. In addition, bodybuilding gives people a psychological certainty, since a healthy appearance and appearance are always in high esteem.

Much force limits the amount of intelligence.

There is a widespread belief that bodybuilders except muscle mountains can not boast of anything else, and that their level of intelligence drastically tends to zero, and life consists only of training, sleeping and eating. Of course, and in bodybuilding, there are those about whom many will say that they are like “animals” or Neanderthals, but judging of all equally erroneously and recklessly. Among the athletes of this niche quite often there are literate, well-read and intelligent people. There are many examples on this subject. The first, whose name comes to mind, is, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.He managed not only to conquer all with his impeccable physique, having won the title “Mr. Olympia” seven times, but also to get an excellent economic education, to become a collector and learn to understand art, conquer the heights of Hollywood and at the same time visit the post of presidential adviser on issues physical culture and sports, and more recently to take the post of governor of California. Russian bodybuilders are also in no way inferior to Western celebrities. For example, Stas Bobin, Yuri Melnikov, Yuri Panov and many other savvy, versatile individuals whose interests are by no means limited to sports alone. True athletes can perfectly understand such difficult, intricate sciences as anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pharmacology and dietology. Every athlete who wants to achieve high results and win the championship title, should not be “fixated” only on sports.

Bodybuilders are characterized by aggression.

It should be noted that many athletes in their size and shape make a strong impression, even causing a feeling of fear in some people. And the publications, printing pictures, try to add to the image of even greater indestructibility and threateningness, for which they often dealt personally with Schwarzenegger himself. In fact, bodybuilders are calm, balanced people, kind and even somewhat phlegmatic. In the gym, their disapproving, frowning eyes, as a rule, can express some mistrust towards the person, because many drop out at the very beginning of the journey, not trying to fight and go ahead. However, having proved the seriousness of your intentions, you will be able to get a reliable partner and competent adviser in the person of a bodybuilder, and maybe get a friend.

Bodybuilding myths.

Bodybuilders tend to be narcissistic.

Many people do not like it when healthy and strong men spend a lot of time at the mirror. Although, what’s wrong with the fact that athletes admire the beauty of their body, especially hard-earned? In fact, we must understand that the mirror is a real objective measure of the athlete’s achievements, as well as the scales and centimeter tape. Who, if not a mirror, will talk about increasing the volume of muscles and the general state of the body?

Most bodybuilders are of unconventional sexual orientation.

Of course, this is not true. One of the most important reasons for the appearance of guys in gyms is the buildup of muscles to attract more girls on the beaches or in clubs. Of course, there are exceptions, but I think they are quite consistent with statistics. True, these “blue” and really pulls to pumped athletes, but this is understandable, so to someone, and these people are particularly eager for male beauty. And among the most famous athletes of people of non-traditional orientation was not seen.

Muscle growth is impossible without the use of “chemistry”.

In the eyes of the public, all bodybuilders consume steroids and other supplements, but let’s not forget that any high sport is impossible without the use of a particular dope. Many people think that the biceps in 50 cm is the fruit of only steroids, but fantastically the speed of runners or swimmers is an exceptionally generous gift of nature. This is not true. A similar myth is based on a striking external difference between bodybuilders and ordinary people. But we should not forget that if you do this sport not for records and podiums, but only to bring your body to a normal, well-balanced look, then no additives will be needed. There are many methods, including explaining the alternation of loads and diet, which will help achieve the goal.

Adherents of bodybuilding are massively impotent.

This statement is invisibly related to the previous myth. Many simply associate steroids and impotence. However, it should be noted that prolonged abuse of steroids does lead to a decrease in testosterone production. But this phenomenon is practically 100% reversible, it is only necessary to refuse the use of energy supplements.The majority of athletes do not use steroids at all and their sexual abilities sometimes even exceed the similar abilities of an ordinary man. This is because the bodybuilders have better blood circulation, which is naturally useful for potency.
Plus, stable training in gyms and simulators further stimulates the production of testosterone in the body. However, there are cases when a man, after thorough training and deep study of individual muscle groups, is no longer ready for sexual feats, so the body needs rest and strength to recover. This is the natural result of any hard work.

Bodybuilders are constantly on a diet.

One of the important items that a bodybuilder should observe is a healthy and nutritious diet. But it should not be considered that professionals or people seriously engaged in bodybuilding should confine themselves solely to plant and low-calorie food. In this issue, care should be taken of those who are naturally endowed with extra pounds or who have a metabolic disorder. But even in their situation a couple of days a week you can pamper yourself with all sorts of goodies. And with respect to people whose body works as a clock and has no problems with digestion, we can say that by gaining weight, such bodybuilders can safely consume everything they want!

After giving up training, the athlete instead of muscles will soon receive solid fat.

There are a lot of examples that exactly confirm the information that after the termination of classes in the hall, a person becomes what he should be by nature. Full people go back to their kilograms, lean ones on the contrary shed an extra weight. There are a number of circumstances that should not be forgotten. The first and inevitable is age. Unfortunately, in the body over the years, metabolic processes slow down sharply, which leads to a deterioration in the physical form. Even when you are in gyms from youth, at 50 you are unlikely to look like 30. But this point should be remembered for people who are not keen on sports seriously. With age, their muscles lose their elasticity and elasticity, in other words, they degrade, and it is their presence that helps to speed up the metabolic processes. It turns out a simple scheme of muscles less, eat the same amount, and as a result we have not the best figure, if not to say “spoiled.” Secondly, sports for a long time develops some habits in a person, which in the end is not so easy to get rid of. One of them is related to the fact that it is not easy for a man to give up a super-nutritious diet. Loads became much less or stopped at all, and the amount of food consumed did not decrease at all. The result is a figure inflated to immense proportions. But there is a way out: either do not stop training, or eat less, or choose a different, but no less effective sport.

Bodybuilding myths.

Women bodybuilders are more like men.

On the question of mass recruitment, men and women look differently: men make every effort to add an extra kilogram, but women on the contrary are afraid to become too large. An interesting fact is that the female organism is by nature much less inclined to the formation of a new muscle mass than the male body, because the production of testosterone is a male hormone, in women it is negligible, and it is this hormone that is responsible for the growth of the musculature. Because in this respect, men are simply inaccessible to women and girls. But to become slimmer, tighten and adjust your figure is absolutely realistic, and there is nothing supernatural about this.
Many scare photos of champions in bodybuilding, because on them women look too big and embossed. You just need to know that it is before the competition that the participants of the competition take out excess water from under the skin and practically reduce the fat layer to zero, according to the requirements of the competitions.In ordinary life, such women can give odds to many in matters of femininity, attractiveness and sexuality.

Now that you have enough information on bodybuilding, you can make your own conclusions, understand that a beautiful body is an important step on the way to personal harmony and perfection. Perhaps you will not have a desire to go and start training right away, but understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle will become stronger in the mind and heart.

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