Blindness. Blind myths

If at some party we meet a man in sunglasses and with a cane in his hand, it becomes immediately clear that he is blind. The cause of loss of vision most often become a disease, but it can be congenital. When meeting with such a person for some reason I want to talk louder with him.

Blindness. Blind myths

Some suggest giving to touch your face, so that the blind person roughly represents who he is dealing with. Others recollect the recently read articles on the restoration of sight by folk methods, offering to get acquainted with this material.

I must say that this behavior is not entirely adequate. Thanks to movies, television, and the media, we have strange myths about blind people. Their very state of affairs is depressing. The most common incorrect statements about blindness we will try to consider.

People who do not see well, still do not hear well.

This myth leads to the fact that with a blind person they try to talk loudly, clearly pronouncing words. But this is not necessary, unless the person has clearly expressed problems with hearing. Nobody likes screaming, people with poor eyesight as well.

People with poor eyesight develop super-abilities.

People like Daredevil are a fairy-tale character. It is impossible to be a blind superhero. But in this myth there is some truth. Just the blind are forced to rely more on other feelings to obtain information about the outside world. That is why they develop more acute sense of smell, touch and taste.

Blind people to understand who they are talking to, feel their face.

This method of dating is considered the main thing for blind people. In fact, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtouching the face of other people and for the blind themselves looks strange. These people adhere to the same social norms as everyone else. They do not want their hands to feel the face of a stranger. Many blind people believe that acquaintance with the help of such a method does not provide complete and necessary information about a person’s appearance. Exceptions are allowed for close family members and romantic partners. Blind parents with the help of hands can get acquainted with the faces of their children, which is very important.

In conversation with the blind, the words “seek” or “see” should be avoided.

It is believed that these words can offend people with problem eyesight. In fact, it is easier to relate to the situation, most do not care. These words are freely used in communication and by the blind. So to say goodbye “See you later” is perfectly normal.

Blind people do not have a chance to work.

In today’s world, there are many examples of how blind people succeed. Richard Bernstein was blind since birth, but managed to become the Supreme Judge of Michigan. Michael Calvo founded and leads the company “Serotech”, Russell Schaffer is a senior manager for corporate matters in “Wallmart”. With proper training and equipment, blind people can manifest themselves in many industries. In the West, blind people work as programmers, teachers, cooks, barmen, marketers, social workers, actors and waiters, open their own business. At us with it it is more difficult, blind trust basically simple mechanical work. But gradually the situation is changing.

Blindness. Blind myths

Blind people do not see anything at all.

Interestingly, most people falling under the category of blind are not completely blind. They still have some elements of peripheral vision, and the picture of the world seems to be very fuzzy. Even those who can not see anything at all, often react to shadows, determine light and darkness.

Blind people can not take care of themselves and live independently.

To be blind does not mean to stop living fully. Just have to learn some things to do differently. The blind can take care of themselves, they live on their incomes and even lead a full-fledged family life.There are special technologies for reading, to help navigate the city or travel a dog can. This will compensate for the lack of vision.

All blind people use a white cane.

Among people with poor eyesight there is a fear of condemnation from others in the case of using a white cane. Those who have preserved the vestiges of vision can be accused of cheating. As a result, half-blind people do not use a cane, although it could actually help them. And all because of the fact that others did not think about them badly. In this matter, it is worthwhile to rely on facts. The American Foundation for the Blind estimates the number of completely lost eyesight at 18%. This means that most people see something depending on the position and source of light, but they need help. And here the white cane comes in handy. With it, people with glaucoma or pigment retinitis can identify objects with peripheral vision to use or avoid them. People with cataracts or diabetic retinopathy can use the cane to identify objects on their way or climb stairs. So, seeing a man with a cane, do not rush to draw conclusions about his vision or despise, if it turns out that it is missing only partially.

All blind people have guide dogs.

Guide dogs are great helpers, but they do not suit everyone. Some people do not want to take responsibility for caring for animals, and others simply can not get along with the dog. Many guide-owners are disappointed by the effect. They are more interested in an amazing dog, not in need of help.

Blindness. Blind myths

All blind people are looking for medicines.

It seems that all visually impaired people are constantly looking for remedies, so they need new prescriptions. But not everyone will appreciate such care. Many blind people, especially those who have lived in this condition for most of their life, do not think of any medications. They resigned themselves to this state of affairs and just want to be treated with respect, as well as to other members of society.

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