Today, Apple Inc. is one of the leaders of the world information market. It produces computers, telephones, media players and tablets, owns a whole software market. I must say that Apple is an authoritative pioneer of the industry, which was able to become a pioneer in many areas.

Thanks to the company, the first truly personal computers appeared, the first color monitors, graphic operating systems, the mouse, the personal audio player. The list of achievements of Apple can continue and continue.


And the legendary company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were created. The guys were friends from the school on the basis of love of technology. Jobs got a job at Atari, and Wozniak – in Hewlett Packard. They decided to create a personal computer. The third co-founder of the new company was Ron Vane, who at that time in the same Atari was a senior developer. In those days, such a thing as a personal computer simply did not exist. It was possible to purchase for 3 thousand dollars a designer for assembly or work on a computer in some large organization. So the mass of such products did not go speech.

Wozniak and Jobs were able to create a really inexpensive personal computer, the hull for it was a wooden box. April 1, 1976, the company Apple Computer appeared, which was presented in a computer club. Spectacular performance attracted attention. Partners the next day received an order for 50 computers at a price of $ 500.

It was much cheaper than analogues. In addition, it was proposed to purchase immediately the finished product, and not a set of parts. Partners were able to collect the first batch in 29 days. Success inspired Jobs and Wozniak. Due to the activity of the first, other investors were found. On January 3, 1977, Apple Computer became a joint stock company.

The real hit was the second computer company, Apple II. It was shown at the exhibition West Coast Computer Faire, where the creation of a young company became the main exhibit. This computer is not only able to reproduce sounds and display a color image, so also had a built-in programming language. Although Apple II had a high price tag of $ 1,300, the demand was high. In total, the company was able to sell more than two million copies of this computer, offering it up to 1990. During the first three years of sales of this equipment, the company’s turnover has grown to $ 10 million.

The company grew rapidly, by 1980 it already had several thousand employees. Apple even entered the world market. But presented on May 19, 1980 a new product – Apple II was a failure. Users for an amount of 4500-7800 dollars were offered to purchase an unfinished raw product. Despite the modernization, the popularity was not achieved, and the project was quietly turned down. In parallel, Apple developed the Lisa computer. A powerful device, despite the innovations, also proved to be a failure. Failure awaited and Lisa II.


The failure of high-profile projects made Apple pay attention to low-cost solutions that are as user-friendly as possible and affordable. So the Macintosh was born. This computer did not have outstanding features, it cost 2500 dollars. Similar in configuration to the IBM PC at that time was worth 5 thousand dollars. But Apple managed to offer a new graphical interface, albeit peeped at Xerox, as well as an unusual manipulator, a “mouse.”

In 1987, Macintosh II appeared, which cemented the company’s success in the market. By 1989, Apple was at the forefront of success, its development was used everywhere – at home, in industry and business. Soon the company entered the notebook market, and its systems became increasingly complicated.

In the 1990s, Apple continued to produce rulers using fast RISC architecture processors. In addition to fast work, the company’s computers were also an excellent design product. Apple led an aggressive advertising campaign, heating the degree of struggle with the PC line.By 1997, the company’s affairs came to a standstill, the salvation was the return to the post of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, essentially ousted in 1985 for his authoritarian style.

Returning control of his offspring, Jobs began to create revolutions one after another. So in 2001 appeared a simple and attractive iPod player. The popularity of the product has led to the appearance of the iPod Touch with a color screen already in use. In 2006, it was decided to abandon the PowerPC processors in favor of Intel solutions.

The real revolution was the release of a new phone, the iPhone, in 2007. The company has long dreamed of a convenient device that would connect the phone, player and communicator. Despite a number of inconveniences, iPhone immediately won universal love. The next generation was sold even more. Sales of phones grew so fast that the company managed to occupy an impressive share in the smartphone market. Another revolution was the appearance of a tablet computer, the iPad. At first this product was ridiculed, calling the iPhone larger, besides, the similar experience of Microsoft in its time was unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, Apple was able to prove to humanity that such products are needed. Despite the fact that sales of computers fell from 15% in the best years to only 4%, the company is now flourishing. It produces successful phones, tablets, monitors the application market for its devices, created an online music store. The company’s products are distinguished by style and individuality, this is not soulless stamping.

Even Apple’s advertising companies attracted attention. So, in 1984, played the same name Orwell’s product, where it was called with the help of the Macintosh to destroy the invisible walls. And in 1997-1002, the advertising campaign “Think differently” was based on the image of geniuses who allegedly called for a change in thinking with the help of Apple products.


Today the company’s turnover exceeds 65 billion dollars, and net profit is more than 25 billion per year. On Apple employs more than 63 thousand people around the world. In 2011, the founder and inspirer of the company, Steve Jobs, died, but his offspring continues the course he set. In August of the same year, Apple became the most expensive company in the world for capitalization, and a year later fell and a historic record.

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