All about pregnancy

Every woman dreams of experiencing the happiness of motherhood to give birth to a healthy and strong baby, to see how a part of your body and your blood grows, how she smiles, sees a familiar face, says her first words and makes her first hesitant steps. The best moment when you first hear from your child the treasured word “mom”, from which tears of joy and not transmitted happiness that overwhelms you appear before your eyes.

However, until you feel it all, you need to understand the most important thing – the birth of a child is a very big responsibility and a very serious step in your life. One must clearly realize that the child needs care and that you will have another member of the family with whom you need to reckon and forget about some of your habits. The greatest responsibility is placed on the shoulders of a woman who must be attentive to herself and her future child during pregnancy.

Now young families are planning to have a baby in advance. This is the right decision, which is adopted by adults who understand that the health of the parents is very important, first of all. In addition, now young spouses understand that for the birth of a child it is necessary that there are good conditions, both housing and financial. As a consequence, the first place for young families is now to purchase their own housing, to prepare good living conditions for the recruitment of the family.

Long before conception, both spouses begin to visit medical institutions in order to identify all kinds of abnormalities that can interfere with the birth of a child. Each of the future parents must set a clear goal, which should lead to positive results. It is necessary to undergo a full course of examination, to prevent the possible diseases. You have to pay more attention to what you eat and what way of life you lead.

Pregnancy always causes a storm of emotions in a woman, and if it is a very long-awaited pregnancy, then the happiness of the parents will be unlimited. The very news that a little life arises inside you, makes you look at many things differently, all feelings become aggravated, because now a woman needs to feel for two. Even such unpleasant moments as frequent nausea and weakness can not overshadow the joy of early motherhood.

During pregnancy there is a change, and the rebuilding of the mother’s body and at this time the woman must necessarily take vitamins, which are prescribed by the doctors. Also, eat more healthy food, vegetables and fruits, but do not lean on one thing, otherwise it can cause an allergic reaction. It is necessary to engage in light physical exercises, which can be individual for each pregnant woman.

You do not need to shut yourself in and think only of your child, you must lead a normal lifestyle, only try to avoid stressful situations and treats more peacefully to the world around you. Of course, this is difficult, because during pregnancy a woman can change her temper, and not always in a positive way.

This is because she feels responsible for the little creature that grows inside her. Each next week of pregnancy adds new sensations, and the woman begins to think about how her baby looks now.

All young future parents look forward to the moment when it will be possible to determine the gender of the child. Most often, it is then that a man understands more thoroughly that soon he will become a pope. When he hears the baby’s heart beating, he sees the legs and hands of the baby on the monitor screen, as he moves inside his mother, then the true feelings of gratitude to his beloved woman, who carries his child, erupt.

Naturally the question arises whether you can continue to have sex life during pregnancy, whether it can hurt the baby.These questions can be answered by doctors specialists, also here everything depends on the organism of the woman herself. During the entire period of pregnancy, it is necessary to observe the doctor, who can detect all violations of pregnancy in time and advise a woman about those factors that can damage the child’s proper development.

Currently, young families postpone the birth of a child for a significant period until they stand on their own, and will not depend on their own parents. It is very commendable that young people began to think about such things, but sometimes it turns out that with the birth of a child is strongly delayed, and this is undesirable for the future mother. It should be noted that pregnancy and the birth of the first child are much easier for women under 30; wearing a second child is often easier.

However, if the first pregnancy occurs at 30, then at this time it is already more difficult. Because of this, the age of the woman at birth of the first child is very important. After the first pregnancy the body of the woman has already experienced childbirth and he is prepared for pregnancy and therefore it is much easier to give birth to a second child after 30 years than to bear his first-born. If the pregnancy was already a little earlier than the time that was planned, the best way is to prepare for the fact that your bloodline will run around your house in a short time, rather than delay the birth of the child for a long time.

женщина After the birth of a child, a woman can change a lot. She becomes softer when she looks at her baby, her face will glow with happiness. However, in addition to this, a woman appears in one feature, which is inherent in all mothers.

From the moment of birth, the mother is ready to protect her child even at the cost of her own life. Standing on the protection of her child, the woman becomes like a predator, ready with her own body to close her baby from all the adversities and troubles that will meet in his path.

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