Advanced Legal Merfolology

The law of life.

If everything is smooth on your way, then you are moving in the wrong direction.

Holten’s Conduct.

The only time you can be sure is when you are sure that you are wrong.

Observation of Gabirol.

Wise men are happy when they discover the truth, fools – when they discover a lie.

Oliver’s Law.

When the experience is really needed, you will not get it anymore.

Law of Foster.

Only the critics and find in life what they are looking for.

The first rule of negative foresight.

Do not burn bridges until you come to them.

Hoffer’s Law.

When people are free to do whatever they want, they usually imitate each other.

Observation of Kierkegaard.

Life can be understood only by looking back, but it is necessary to live it, looking forward.

Jaff’s Commandment.

There are some phenomena that can not be understood, but it is impossible to understand what kind of phenomenon it is.

Law of Muir.

When we try to consider any phenomenon in itself, we find that it draws for itself all other phenomena existing in the universe.

Axiom of Thomas Aquinas.

What comes off the hands of the gods, it is not forgiven cows.

The law of preservation of misfortunes.

The total number of troubles and troubles in the universe is constant.


If in one sphere things are going well, then in another sphere they are going badly.

The law of naming.

No law will be called by the name of the person who opened it.


It is not important who said it, but who called it.

The first axiom of Kease.

Any quotation that may be distorted will be distorted.

Law of Long.

The laws of nature do not have a single pity.

Borax axiom.

The opposite of deep truth may well be another deep truth.

Ellis Act.

Progress is the replacement of one inconvenience by another.

Observation of Gerhard.

We are making progress. Now things are getting worse not so fast.

The fifth (and only) rule.

You take yourself too seriously.

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