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(German Buchhalter, Buch – book, Halter – holder) – specialist in the field of accounting. At present, the profession is important, without it there is not a single enterprise.

The word “accountant” arose in the late Middle Ages. In 1498, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Maximilian I appointed “accountant” Christopher Stehter.

An accountant is a specialist working in the accounting system in accordance with the current legislation. His tasks: timely and correctly pay taxes, report to the state bodies and the owners of the company, organize work with clients and partners of the organization, monitor the financial condition of the enterprise and so on.

The accountant should be a mathematical genius.

The rest will come with experience and practice. Not certainly in that way. It’s not necessary to be a genius. The profession, above all, requires “iron aging” from a person. It is important to have mathematical abilities, to have an analytical mind. The accountant should be able to see in advance – to foresee what results can lead to this or that action. The ability to make independent decisions in this profession is also necessary. To some extent he, as an expert, is responsible for the distribution and investment of the firm’s money.

The profession of an accountant is routine and does not require retraining.

Not exactly. The rules and regulations of accounting have not changed fundamentally for a long time. But the tax legislation changes almost constantly – almost every day. Therefore, we need to closely monitor the legislative changes, since this affects the effectiveness of the work. Accountants are forced to constantly raise the level of skills, engage in self-education. In addition, there are computer programs that are used in accounting, requiring a specialist a lot of time to study them. The routine work of an accountant can be called for the reason that it requires scrupulousness, diligence, attentiveness, multiple verification of documents.

The accountant will always be financially secure.

It is easy for a young specialist to find a well-paid job. Today, the saturation of the labor market by the aforementioned specialists is observed. To become a high-profile accountant, you need to go through a good practice. A young specialist needs to be prepared for the fact that he will not find work right away. Employers prefer people with experience and good recommendations, because the work is very responsible.

The accountant does not have the possibility of career growth.

The only possible prospect: to become the chief accountant, having received a small increase to the salary. Yes it is. With a lot of zeal, high qualification, earning a name you can become a maximum chief accountant. To obtain the post of financial director, you need additional education. However, the increase to the salary is not so scanty. In addition, the chief accountant plays an important role in the company, sometimes it is one of the key figures in the enterprise.

Accountants are people who are stale, unresponsive, not interested, and do not perceive anybody and anything, except figures.

The myth arose because of the specifics of the work. The accountants at work have to be immersed in a world of figures, maximally concentrated, even at times somewhat detached from the cultural and social life of the firm. But outside the office these are absolutely ordinary people and nothing human is alien to them.

Accountant is a female profession.

The accountant’s profession is gender-neutral. But mainly women accountants work. Men choose more finance and accounting, auditing, etc. – that at a given time is more profitable and in demand. Although men sometimes become accountants.

The accountant always reports on the last day.

Yes it is. It’s not the laziness of the workers in this profession, and not the desire to take revenge on the tax inspectors, but in the specifics of the work itself. Especially it concerns such documents as: VAT declarations, balance sheet, property tax.These documents, as a rule, are surrendered in the last days, as they depend on the documents of contractors (one of the parties to the contract in civil law relations), in which there always come up some “tails”. Those who pass these papers before the last day of the calendar are required to subsequently write an updated tax return (which is a “basic”, “initial” tax return, but with a note on the title page stating that the declaration is more precise). Therefore, on the last day in the tax inspectorates are always inundated and large queues.

Accountant can not tolerate tax inspectors.

In most cases this is the case. Sometimes even comes to fights. In the magazine “Calculation” No. 9 for 2005, a message was posted that in one of the inspectorates in Nizhny Novgorod, an accountant who came to the inspection for a certificate, lost his nerve, and he attacked the tax inspector with his fists.

Accountant and computer are incompatible things.

There are a lot of stories and anecdotes about “nothing that does not know the computers in computers” on this topic. But today the bookkeepers have mastered the PC quite well. The accountant is more afraid (their fears are well grounded), so that nothing happens with the computer: the data was not lost, the settings were not lost, especially when it concerns the annual report. That’s reinsured once again, calling system administrators as “guardian angels.”

The accountant should understand the specifics of the business in which he works.

Every director dreams about this, but this level of awareness is not the responsibility of the accountant. The main function of a specialist is to work with documents and data. Provide them in a timely manner – the care of the director of the firm. The main thing is that the accountant should know the specifics of the application of various taxation regimes of the enterprise and accounting operations.

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